Big Brother recap: Nominate by colors

The fate of the Bomb Squad is put into a rainbow as the final Battle of the Block results have us seeing deja vu, if anything at all.
Ep. 24 | Aired Aug 17, 2014

EVICT THE RAINBOW As the number of people go down in the game, Frankie and Derrick came up with a sweet solution to pick this week's nominations.

Skittles. That's right—Skittles. They decided the nominations for this week's eviction in a reality TV competition show for $500,000 based on the colors of the freaking rainbow. Each of the four picked a color to represent their fate (no one likes the yellow flavor of any candy) and Frankie and Derrick put one of each into a hat and selected at random, first Christine (purple skittle) to be nominated against Donny and then Cody (red) and Caleb (green) to be nominated against them. And wouldn't you know, Zach is the only one that's safe. Wonder how different the results would have been if they had used Froot Loops?

But it seems like Mrs. Purple and Mr. Red may be getting too many tastes of each other's rainbows as the other houseguests start to gossip about Christine and Cody's sometimes flirty and always very touchy relationship. But if a strategic hall pass from her husband is gonna get her half a million dollars, this barista is gonna keep her flirt on for as long as it works. Mad that Zach's color wasn't picked, Caleb tells Derrick and Cody that he would still want him out before Victoria, all while eating a bag of Skittles. By the way—this episode was sponsored by Skittles. (Just kidding—but would the Mars company want to work something out for this recap? Skittles happen to be my favorite.)

Because Team America is still technically a thing, Derrick and Frankie got together with Donny to try and convince him somehow that he was ultimately going to be safe but it didn't really work. This man knows his pronouns well enough to know when others are working with or against him. They told him about the Skittles and how the nominations were being selected. Knowing that he was about to be nominated again, Donny confessed that he felt expendable, but definitely not in the Sylvester Stallone way. Frankie and Derrick did stay true to the colors in the nominations ceremony, putting up Derrick's choices of Donny and Christine up against Cody and Caleb, picked (and sexually complimented) by Frankie.

Heading into the final Battle of the Block competition, the plan was clear. Once again someone (Christine) was going to throw the competition so that their partner (Donny) would definitely stay on the block. Christine even seemed to get a lucky break with the challenge, searching a dark room for bones and placing them on your team's board, because Donny couldn't see what she was (or wasn't) doing. However, it also meant that Christine couldn't see how well Donny was doing on his own or how far ahead or behind they were from Cody and Caleb. She even thought she was helping Caleb at one point by secretly giving him a bone, when in fact it cost him extra time since it didn't fit. (Insert cliché "throw me a bone" line... oh, Caleb has already got that covered).

And wouldn't you know it, just one week after Frankie single-handedly beat him and Caleb, lone man Donny won the BOB. Even though Christine didn't make a whole speech about it beforehand, Donny eventually figured out during the game that his partner was throwing the competition. So no Donny, it is definitely not impolite to say that you won by yourself because that is literally what just happened. But now Cody and Caleb remain on the block, Frankie remains in power and Victoria is still in the game. Things are about to get complicated.

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