Big Brother recap: Loose lips sink ships

The girls take control for the week, but Caleb makes a fatal decision that keeps Frankie's game afloat.
Ep. 21 | Aired Aug 10, 2014

I GOT A BAD BOY, I MUST ADMIT IT From the top to the bottom, Frankie has been all over the game this summer and now finds himself in one compromising yet powerful position.


No one knows what kind of game Zach is playing. He tries once again to get on Nicole's side, especially now that she is HOH and puts all of his cards out on the table thereby revealing The Detonators to Nicole, which really ticks her off. Almost on instinct, she tells Zach that she had formed an alliance with Cody during that same time. The two big pieces of news make Nicole question whether or not she can work with Zach since he is so unpredictable. Who would have thought the end of Zankie would come so hard? Zach throws Frankie under the bus to Caleb who returns the favor and tells Derrick and Cody. The four discuss what they can do about Frankie now that they don't have power, but Derrick is smart enough to realize there are many ways to sink a ship. He comes up with a plan to put Zach and Frankie up on the block together and have Zach throw the BOB competition, ensuring Frankie's spot up for eviction. When he tells Nicole—the person who could actually do something about it—she likes the overall idea but was probably too freaked out by the egg sandwich offer earlier in the week from Zach and would feel more comfortable putting Caleb up instead. In fact, Caleb even volunteers himself in his bitter rage against Frankie and still being bitter about Amber in general. Seriously, get over it cowboy.

Christine revealed her nominations first. Once again Donny was put up, this time with Zach, who wasn't surprised to be nominated—just by Christine. Nicole stayed true to her word and nominated Caleb and Frankie, but any kind of ceremony can't happen without at least one Zachburst, this time an attack toward Nicole (for not nominating him) and Frankie, for just being dead to him. Frankie does have a paranormal quality to him, always appearing whenever he's being talked about and tells Nicole that he understands why he was nominated. "It's a game." At least someone remembers. Frankie, however is still oblivious to the fact that Caleb is preparing to throw the competition and actually seems überconfident about being paired up with him. Well this is going to be awkward then.

In a night where golf brought a long delay to most of America's viewing pleasure, the BOB was ironically football-themed, celebrating the fact that CBS is now airing Thursday Night Football starting in—wait, another Big Brother night? Julie Chen needs to start scoring more touchdowns at home with Les Moonves and fix this... please. Before the competition was about to begin, Frankie used his otherworldly abilities once again and just by looking into Caleb's eyes figured out that he was about to throw the competition. After pleading for him not to, Caleb made arguably the biggest mistake of the game so far and didn't really throw the competition at all; he sat out. The confident cowboy opted not to play the competition at all instead of trying to play and intentionally lose; he probably thought a YouTube personality wouldn't know anything about football.

Well, Frankie sure knows a lot about balls and working under pressure (you try singing ABBA eight times a week) cause after being down early, he was able to overcome Donny and Zach alone and win the BOB, dethroning Nicole and making Caleb look like a complete idiot. Trying to find somewhere to focus his anger, Zach easily hit Frankie as a target, once again calling him out on his lies in front of everyone. "Yeah, but I'm a safe liar," Frankie calls out to Zach. Yeah, and a lucky one, too. The episode ended with the big tease of the week: After weeks of staying quiet, Frankie will reveal his sister's identity (even though he actually already did if you listen carefully to his celebratory cheers after winning) in an attempt to completely rebuild trust in the game. Still not sure how it will matter to Donny, but my money is on Victoria for freaking out the most/using it in some way to her advantage.

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