Big Brother recap: Cute denial

Frankie copes with his grandfather's death, Zach goes on a wild power trip to nowhere.
Ep. 15 | Aired Jul 27, 2014


Caleb is still in denial that Amber doesn't like him, but she goes on a "date" with him by the pool after he eats a pickle on a kind-of bet/dare. Needless to say (even though Amber did), this was their first and last date. Caleb had Frankie shave his arms for nothing! Zach continues his downward spiral into pure villain after Cody defended Christine for not wanting to be put on the block; he then confronts the one person he thought he could mess with the most and was conveniently close with Christine: Nicole. Nicole denies that she is in an alliance with Christine after Zach inquires how much he actually trusts her and implies that he is in an alliance with Cody, being "more than just friends." There was really no rhyme or reason for Zach's attack this time, but he convinces himself the best way to get Amber (still his target) out now would be to backdoor her instead of to nominate her.

Elsewhere though, it appears that Cody would really rather be "more than just friends" with Derrick, as the two form yet another alliance to make it to the finale and embark on yet another alliance name session. The win this time around went to The Hit Men because "when you find out you're the next target, it's already too late" according to Derrick. Is this guy a police sergeant or advertising agent? Some of his best moments are his interactions with Team America; this week's task, getting two houseguests to have a 20 second or longer heated argument during the nominations ceremony or veto meeting, did seem difficult. Derrick, Donny, and Frankie quickly decided that Zach would like start an argument on his own, and after he practiced his nomination speech for them, they agreed to just let things play out.

Maybe Amber thinks the early bird won't get the nomination, as she woke Zach up at 5 a.m. to try to clear things up with what the two have been saying about each other around the house. At this point, Zach has gone full-on psycho and admits he doesn't care what anyone thinks about his nominations and is ready to now "bathe in blood," which is a drastic turn from his worry about just getting it on his hands a few days ago. When the ceremony arrives, Frankie decides to play it safe(r) and again nominates both Jacosta and Victoria. And then Zach starts speaking. After revealing Christine and Nicole as his nominations, he followed through on what he practiced and called Christine a floater and irrelevant. He then did a little improv on the spot and called Nicole, among other things, a "fruit loop dingus." Her response was a weird mixture of laughter and tears, but Christine was nothing but angry. She knew that Zach had said something to Nicole that had the potential of ruining her game (and by default at this point, his game too since THEY ARE IN AN ALLIANCE TOGETHER STILL) and Christine wouldn't have any of Zach's cute denial.

Luckily for them, the Battle of the Block competition required clear and consistent communication in a wedding-themed challenge. Maybe that's a metaphor for marriage, but regardless, as best friends Nicole and Christine easily beat Jacosta and Victoria and were able to dethrone the crazy King Zach. Now that Frankie is the only one with power, he knows Zach has put a target on his own back this week and that the house may want him out instead. Victoria was able to win the veto last week and save herself and if something similar were to happen again this week, Zach might not find himself in denial anymore—just evicted.

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