Big Brother recap: It's Hard Out There for a Beast

The houseguests conspire against Jeremy, and Kaitlin faces a difficult choice.
Ep. 09 | Aired Jul 17, 2013

THREE'S A CROWD, ANDY. McCrae and Amanda have a showmance to attend to. 

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This put Kaitlin in the worst romantic situation since our dearly departed friends Romeo & Juliet. If she removes herself, she sends her showmance and makeout buddy home. But if she doesn’t, she’s going down. “I have no clue what I’m going to do,” she confessed. Oh, honey. Does anyone have any doubt what Mr. “I’m Not Here To Get Married” would do if the positions were reversed? Jeremy clearly thought he could charm his way out of his increasingly dire situation, and boy was he working it in the final minutes of last night’s episode. Kaitlin and Jeremy talked, while Kaitlin explained that the only winning solution was to convince Helen to put up Howard instead of Jeremy – and don’t worry. She planned to sell it.  “I just want to make love to you right now,” Jeremy declared upon hearing the plan as they began to kiss. Oh, honey.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, Helen wasn’t swayed by tears (She’s a mom and cries on cue as well, remember?) and the talk basically consisted of Helen explaining to Kaitlin that her boyfriend is bad news and reminding her she will go home if she doesn’t take herself off the block. Kaitlin headed into the kitchen to meet up with a now-shirtless Jeremy. “Why do you have to be so cocky?” she said with the tragic laugh of a woman who has been in this situation many times before. “I iz who I iz, babe!”Jeremy-by-way-of-Paula-Deen basically responded.

In the Diary Room, we learned that the Tao of Jeremy was essentially the lyrics to “Forever Young” as he confessed he was “hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.” And then the worst came: Kaitlin announced she was taking herself off the block. Thank goodness. I was really afraid we were going to get some version of  “Oh happy veto, this is thy sheath” as Kaitlin decided to kill herself (Read: Get kicked out of the house), rather than be there without Jeremy. But, it turns out, Kaitlin decided to Lean In instead. We just might have a real gamer in our midst after all.

Never fear, your regular recapper, Darren Franich, will be back next week. In the meantime, let’s discuss: Do you think Jeremy has any chance of not going home? Were you surprised Kaitlin grew a backbone? Has Elissa's MVP streak finally ended? And finally, since he’s out of the house, do you think Nick has gone ahead and blocked GinaMarie on all social networking sites?

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