Big Brother recap: Lawon Makes His Move

Rachel cries, Kalia cries, Jordan cries, Daniele laughs, Porsche stares vacantly, and one houseguest takes a ridiculous chance that is either brilliant or crazy...or maybe both
Ep. 15 | Aired Aug 10, 2011

A PORTRAIT OF A MODEST MOUSE, FLOATING ON After Adam impressed in the veto competition and Lawon opted for an unthinkably bizarre gameplay move, Porsche officially became the last useless player left in the game.

Kalia, to her credit, understood that she had misplayed things with Jeff. So she called up Mr. Veto and Little Miss Sunshine for a serious chat. First, she tried to come off like a mastermind: "You see, Jeff, I only put you on the block because I needed you in the veto competition, and I knew that you'd only play well if your life was on the line." It was a lame line, and Jeff didn't fall for it. So Kalia promised over and over again not to put Jordan on the block. She explained to Jeff that her target all along had been Rachel. She essentially split herself open, offered up her bleeding heart, and begged Jeff to throw it in the trash bin. "I'll take that into account," Jeff mumbled.

Now, some people have criticized players like Rachel and Daniele for wielding their HoH power with an iron fist. But what we were seeing here was the exact opposite: Kalia basically decided to spend her one week with absolute power kowtowing to the kingdom-in-exile of Jorff. Now, I happen to think that Kalia might be one of the most book-smart players in the game this season. And she might also be one of the most sane. But that might be her problem.

On Monday's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed Nassir Ghaemi, whose new book A First-Rate Madness is based on a catchy concept: Many of history's greatest leaders suffered from psychological mood disorders. Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln were depressives; Franklin Delano Roosevelt had an energy that bordered on mania. So, in this sense, the hard-charging leadership style of Daniele -- or even Rachel's "Let's just kill the bastards!" strategy -- may actually be more successful than the governing style of Kalia, which has so far been defined by logic, contemplation, half-measures, and failure. Food for thought.

Meanwhile, Adam cut his beard and said something stupid. In his defense, he now resembles every cast member from Breaking Bad.

And here, viewers, is where things got really exciting. Rachel pulled herself together long enough to ascend the stairs to Kalia's HoH tower. She made her pitch. "Me on your side could be a great advantage to you." She seemed to know exactly what was on Kalia's mind: "A lot can be repaired with Jeff and Jordan." She was upfront about her intentions to go after Daniele, but even that was all right: Rachel seemed to sense intuitively that Kalia was looking to strike out from under Dani's shadow.


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