Big Brother recap: The Blind Side

A double eviction leads to a shocking turn of events for one houseguest, while Helen proves once and for all that she runs the house
Ep. 19 | Aired Aug 8, 2013

CANDYLAND EXEUNT Candice could not make a deal to save her life, and so she is gone. Conversely, GinaMarie has been in the house for half a season, and arguably had one brain cell before she learned how to sneeze. This is a strange game.


And so everyone voted for Candice. There was a bit of fun when Candice gave her final plea. She said that GinaMarie slandered her by calling her a rat; GinaMarie started yelling at her, saying that she was a rat, which honestly in the context of this game is like telling a football player, "You're a jock!" Candice made some crack about GinaMarie being a thirtysomething who comports herself like a Disney tween. The vote was unanimous; Candice walked out, making a crack about GinaMarie going back to her mother's house; and then she had a classy exit interview with Julie Chen. At one point, she said: "Racism is still prevalent in the United States today." The Big Brother house was no different.

Quick Semi-Serious Note: The fifteenth clone of Julie Chen made a point of repeating that, because all of the houseguests evicted would be going to the Jury House, she could not tell them anything about the cultural reaction to this season's shenanigans. This strikes me as an attempt by CBS and the Big Brother producers to ever-so-carefully avoid confronting certain people inside the house about certain things they have said. I don't think I'm alone in watching this season of Big Brother expecting some kind of catharsis with regards to the Aaryn/GinaMarie/Amanda Derogatory Comments Sorority. Julie did ask Candice about the racism in the house, but it increasingly seems likely that Aaryn's exit -- if she ever exits -- will be quietly brushed under the rug. Maybe I'm reading the tea leaves wrong; I have to believe that Julie Chen is extremely ready to cut Aaryn down a peg. But watching Candice walk out of the house last night, I found myself feeling a tremendous sense of relief for her. Aaryn and GinaMarie appear to have cooled it in the last few weeks, but I cannot imagine what it felt like for Candice to be sharing air with people who were so openly, so brazenly judging her by the color of her skin. The fact that Aaryn is still in the house -- mainly thanks to Helen -- is an undeniably fascinating bit of gameplay. (She could still win.) But the fact that CBS, as an organization, appears to be burying the Aaryn story -- and if that's what happens, it's an act of pure corporate cowardice. Also, it'll be really boring.

Anyhow, it was right about now that we entered the next phase of the evening:

The Part That Mostly Made Sense, But In Hindsight Probably Needs Significant Explanation

Aaryn won the Head of Household challenge. It wasn't even close. There were only a few questions until Julie asked a question about dear departed Kaitlin, and only Aaryn knew the answer, because at this point, Aaryn is probably the only person left in the house who remembers that Kaitlin wasn't just a couple of big talking eyebrows. There was the usual live-show check-ins on strategy that ranged from "tense" to "near-incoherent." Aaryn was talking to Andy, McCrae, and Amanda; Spencer spoke to her, with doom in his eyes; and at one point, Aaryn said the pivotal sentence, "I want to do what's gonna cause the least amount of waves."

Julie had an announcement: The MVP Twist was over, and henceforth there would be only two nominees. (Translation: This season's twist has been a flat-out failure.) She also had another, separate announcement, which the cast didn't hear: The jury members were not necessarily out of the game. (Translation: Next week, there will probably be a challenge where a jury member can get back in the house.)

Aaryn stood up. She had to nominate two people. And so, as she explained it: "Because of the unanimous decision: Jessie and Spencer." Depending on how you read this, this statement is further evidence that Aaryn is the incarnation of the trickster god Loki or further evidence that Aaryn is barely cognizant that she is playing this game. I choose to believe the former, since every time I say a bad thing about Aaryn in these recaps I invariably wake up with another scar carved into my forehead in the shape of Aaryn's face. But you could also just point out that this is another example of the weird mob mentality underpinning this season. Aaryn would not make a move unless the house wanted her to make a move -- even though every move you make in this game is a move against someone inside of the house.

Again, I have to give some love to Lonelygirl Jessie here. Earlier in the show, Helen told her that she would only make a move against Amanda when the house wanted it. Jessie sputtered: "When the house wants it? When the house wants it? When the house wants it?"


WORD JESSIE. In my Big Brother FanFic, which is currently hovering around the 45-thousand-work mark, this is the part of the saga when Jessie suddenly decides that she's not going to take any of this guff anymore. Instead, she spends the next week sequestering herself in the corner of the house, learning karate and memorizing every word in the dictionary and studying her prey from afar, before she launches a brilliant counterattack on the house. Basically the same plot as Batman Begins or ABC's Revenge.

Instead, Aaryn won the veto and everything went insane.

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