Big Brother recap: 'Stop Telling the Truth!'

Devin unleashes his brand of truth, and manages to stay HoH and keep his target on the block
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 6, 2014


Potential showmance alert! Since Nicole is basically the Michigan version of Jordan from season 11, then she needs her very own Jeff. Hayden is up for the job, flirting with Nicole by asking her favorite color (mint green) and favorite movie (The Notebook). But Nicole isn't blinded by the love connection, heading to her one-and-only ally Christine to suggest they work with Hayden. Christine's perfect response? "Us weirdos need to stick together."

The other showmance of the night might just be emo Bomb Squad leaders Devin and Caleb. When Caleb opened up about needing a cuddle buddy, Devin didn't offer up fellow HoH Amber; he offered up himself. I expected Caleb to laugh this off, but instead, he teared up and said he'd cuddle with Devin anytime. Remember that time the Bomb Squad didn't want to work with women because they played with their hearts? And this is followed by Devin giving Brittany a guilt trip over the dirty kitchen. "He's walking around like he's the boss of this house," Brittany tells Jocasta and Frankie.

Well, technically, he is the boss this week, and it's time for him and Amber to pick their nominees. No surprise, Devin picks repeat nominees Paola and Brittany. Amber, meanwhile, picks the two most likable people in the house, Nicole and Hayden. Devin tries to reassure Nicole that she's not the target and she won't be going home because—drum roll—he's going to talk Pow Pow into throwing the Battle of the Block competition. First of all, she should never agree to this. Second of all, did they ask her to throw last week's comp, too? Or is that just how well she competes?

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