Big Brother recap: A Twisty, Twisting Season Twists On

Another HoH is crowned, the first member of Team America is revealed, and one houseguest crowns herself the hottest of them all
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 26, 2014

Bill Inoshita/CBS

So now let's bring the two gangs together. First, some simple math: 8 + 8 = 16. And yet, here's Zach's reaction to walking into the house: "I'm meeting 20 people this way, 20 people this way, there's 15 conversations going on at once." But while Zach is meeting 40 people for some reason, Caleb only sees one. "Amber is taking a big bite of my cake right now." We're going to need the BB fans to watch the live feeds overnight to let us know what exactly that means. Hayden, meanwhile, is just seeing famous faces. "I am surrounded by legends right now," the pedicabber says, wondering if he accidentally stumbled onto a celebrity season. Who are his hallucinations sightings? The Rock (Devin), Whitney Houston (Amber), John Travolta (Zach), and Spicoli (himself, of course).

Just like the previous night, when Frankie quickly bonded with fellow peacock Joey, Ariana Grande's bro takes an instant shine to Victoria. "I love me a cartoon princess," he says. Joey also has a new favorite: quirky barista Christine. "Triple-shot Americano, please!" Everyone but Caleb is in the mood to celebrate the merging of groups ("I kind of feel like it's us versus them at this point," he rightly points out), so they break out the champagne... in mason jars? This is not Toby Keith's I Love This Bar.

Some observations from the formal introductions:
-Deputy Derrick lies about being a cop by claiming to be a parks and rec coordinator. Do we see him as more of a Tom Haverford or a Ron Swanson?

-Hayden announces: "I don't surf." We'd love to make fun of him for saying that, but he's a long-haired blond living in Long Beach, so yeah, we had him pegged for a surfer. It needed to be said.

-That was some healthy applause for the fact that Zach is unemployed.

-But the biggest applause is reserved for Brittany being single. These dudes don't seem to care one bit that she has three kids back home.

-Caleb says he's a hunting guide, which puts Frankie a little on edge about just how conservative the Southern boy might be. "He's not going to get all of this, and I'm most likely not going to get all of that," Frankie says.

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