Arrow recap: Love and Other Dangers

Arrow tries to change Helena; Tommy takes Laurel out to a fancy restaurant where they run into Oliver and Helena
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 5, 2012

Arrow (Stephen Amell) sulks after his fourth—or is it fifth?—rejection of the night. 

While we're on the subject of Helena's craziness...Helena decides to take down the Triad leader again. This time she storms in on him with guns blazing. She kills the leader, but not before he leaves her with some haunting words of wisdom: "When you seek vengeance, dig two graves — one for your enemy and one for yourself." Too bad Helena doesn't speak Chinese! Before leaving the crime scene, she tells one of the victims that her father, Frank, sends his regards.

Arrow shows up later to take a look at the crime scene and tells Dig a war has started. And has it ever.

China White wastes no time invading Frank's home for retribution. She and her men kill all his bodygaurds. Frank grabs a laptop from his safe and attempts to make a run for it, but China White grabs him. She's about to put a knife in his back when Arrow stops her. Arrow tells Frank to run, but he only gets so far before Helena takes him down with an arrow. She says she wants payback for her fiance Michael, but just as she's about to shoot him again, Arrow knocks the weapon out of her hands. (He's on quite a roll it seems). While Arrow and Helena spar, Frank grabs the weapon and shoots Helena. (Someone should have listened to the Chinese man!). Arrow carries her to his lair where she recovers surprisingly quickly. He tells her that her father is going to jail but she's worried because the cops don't have any evidence on him.  Except they do! Turns out Frank's laptop had more than enough information to incriminate him. Arrow tells her that this is justice, but Helena doesn't seem to be pleased. "I guess you were right. I'm more interested in revenge," she says. How sassy. She asks him to stay away and he tells her that everything he's done, he's done because he cares about her. "Too bad I can't say the same," she says.

Back at Queen Corp., Walter calls IT girl into his office (her name is Felicity by the way!). She assumes she's about to get fired, but instead Walter gives her a new assignment. He wants her to find out everything she can about Moira's notebook. He warns her that he had asked Queen Corp's head of security to look into a similar subject matter and he died the next day under questionable circumstances. IT girl, err Felicity, is not deterred though. "I hate mysteries. They bug me. They need to be solved," she says. Felicity for the win!

It doesn't take Felicity long to make progress on Walter's assignment. She shows up to Walter's office (Best line: After Walter asks what she's doing, she responds, "It needs to be dark in here for me to do this...if I had had more time to think of that sentence it wouldn't have sounded so dirty.") and hands him the notebook along with a pair of special glasses. Like Oliver, Walter can now see all the names listed in the notebook.

Still burning from his latest rejection, Oliver drowns his sorrows in cheese fries at—where else? Big Belly Burger. Dig shows up—thanks to his sister-in-law who gave him a heads up (she's so going to be his love interest soon)—and tries to make Oliver feel better. He tells him that if you're trying to change someone—as he was attempting to do with Helena—it's probably not true love.

Back at the mansion, Tommy stops by to apologize to Oliver for the dinner fiasco and then tells him he's been cut-off by his dad. Oliver offers to share his trust-fund, but Tommy declines. Instead, he asks for a job and tells him he's trying to change—presumably for Laurel. Hmm, what was it again that Dig said about changing for love? Oliver offers him a general manager position and the two hug it out. Girls come and go, but the bromance is clearly still intact! After figuring out the employment situation, Tommy asks Oliver if everything is ok and Oliver says that he and Helena had a falling out. "But I have a feeling I'll be seeing her again," says Oliver, as the camera pans to a shot of Helena riding away in her motorcycle. I hope so!

I'd have to say this was my most favorite episodes to date. It managed to incorporate action, angst, mythology and romance, as well as nearly every major character (except for Thea, but no complaints there).  How about you? Did you enjoy the episode? Do you hope to see Helena again soon?

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