Arrow recap: Love and Other Dangers

Arrow tries to change Helena; Tommy takes Laurel out to a fancy restaurant where they run into Oliver and Helena
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 5, 2012

Arrow (Stephen Amell) sulks after his fourth—or is it fifth?—rejection of the night. 

During dinner Laurel realizes that Tommy hasn't yet asked Oliver for a job at his nightclub. Of course, this annoys her (though, I'm not sure why), and she decides to ask Oliver on his behalf. Over-bearing girlfriend much? Oliver seems surprised because he didn't think Tommy wanted any responsibilities, and Laurel reminds him that he always wanted to go into business with his bestfriend. "Don't you remember when we went to Aspen and you wanted to open a ski-lodge?" she asks Oliver. "The only thing I remember from Aspen was your father being furious we shared a room with one bed." This elicits a big smile from Laurel, and a lot of jealousy from Helena. "So you two were together and now you're dating his bestfriend?" Helena asks, clearly uncomfortable. "Yeah, we're just prying for a reality show aren't we?" Tommy says. Oliver says it'd be fun to work with Tommy, who is clearly upset about how the entire situation played out. Tommy ditches dinner and Laurel follows him to find out why he's so angry. Tommy doesn't understand why Laurel brought up the job to Oliver (neither do I!). She says she was only trying to help but Tommy accuses her of trying to get Oliver, her go-to white knight, to ride into the rescue. Tommy says it's obvious it's always going to be Laurel and Oliver, and then tells her he's done with their relationship. Of course, it's a short-lived break-up. Tommy heads to Laurel's apartment later to apologize and tells her he's scared because he has nothing to bring to the table. She says she never cared about his bank account and then apologizes for pushing him to work with Oliver. After she tells him that she'll be there for him to lean on, Oliver asks if they're now boyfriend and girlfriend, and Laurel warns him not to ruin the moment.

The apologies don't end there though. Oliver tells Helena he's sorry for the weirdness at dinner but she's not having it. "I'm sorry. Sorry I ever listened to you!" she says. Oliver is obviously confused — and who can blame him? His worst offense was sharing a memory about Aspen. After all, it was Helena who invited Laurel to dinner, a fact I wish he had reminded her of as  she accused him of "making" her have dinner with his ex. She tells Oliver that he's still in love with Laurel and then leaves in a huff. Talk about over-reacting.

A depressed Oliver calls Dig and tells him that he should have listened to what he had to say about Helena. Oliver tells Dig that his double-life has kept him away from his loved ones, and when he met Helena he thought that maybe, just maybe, the universe owed him one. And now all I want to do is give Oliver a hug. He says that Helena's meltdown after dinner made him realize that he can't stop her from going over the edge. In fact, she's already over the edge. (I love that Oliver could get over Helena nearly shooting his mother but one freak-out about his ex and he's ready to write her off. Typical).

NEXT: Helena makes a move on the Triad...

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