Arrow recap: Love and Other Dangers

Arrow tries to change Helena; Tommy takes Laurel out to a fancy restaurant where they run into Oliver and Helena
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 5, 2012

Arrow (Stephen Amell) sulks after his fourth—or is it fifth?—rejection of the night. 

Meanwhile, Oliver meets with Helena and tells her that he wants to go after a drug dealer, Anthony Venza. Anthony is one of the men on Oliver's father's list, who, as it just so happens, has ties to Helena's father as well. Oliver tells her that they'll go after Anthony together, but on his terms. Since she hasn't yet mastered her archery skills, Oliver presents her with a bow & arrow that's modeled like a gun (or, as recap readers have pointed out, a crossbow...a futuristic one that is), and then shows her a costume he's devised for her.

Once their outfitted, Arrow and Helena ambush Anthony at his drug warehouse. "Anthony Venza," declares Oliver, prompting Helena to cut-in, "You have failed this city." You know, this would have actually been a cool scene, especially because Helena showed up in costume for the first time, but the tag-line totally killed it for me. The delivery was just SO corny. Can't they come up with a new saying? Or better yet, just not have one?

Helena corners Anthony, who later gets hauled away by the cops. Arrow tells Helena that millions of dollars worth of drugs were just confiscated because of them, and her father will definitely suffer financially as a result. She tells him that his brand of justice feels good and they share a kiss.

Afterward, Helena heads home, where her dad is watching a news report about the drug confiscation. The report says that Starling City's vigilante was spotted leaving the scene with a companion, possibly a woman. Helena pretends to comfort her dad, all the while hiding her delight about his downfall.

At the Queen mansion, Walter secretly examines the symbol discovered by IT girl. After Moira leaves him to attend a board meeting, Walter starts going through her belongings. Eventually,he discovers a box with a notebook imprinted with the symbol but otherwise full of empty pages. It's exactly like the notebook Oliver's dad gave him. So much for trust!

It's date-night for Laurel and Tommy but things aren't exactly going according to plan. Laurel is peeved because she and Tommy have been waiting 20 minutes for a table at the restaurant where they had made reservations. I'd call her high-maintenance, but I guess this would annoy anyone. Tommy tries to bribe the hostess but realizes he doesn't have any money. Lucky for him, he won't need it. Oliver shows up at the same restaurant with Helena. The two couples make awkward small-talk, and when the hostess tells Oliver his table is ready, Helena invites Laurel and Tommy to join them. Neither Oliver nor Tommy think it's a good idea but Laurel accepts right away. Let the double date commence!

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