Arrow recap: Love and Other Dangers

Arrow tries to change Helena; Tommy takes Laurel out to a fancy restaurant where they run into Oliver and Helena
Ep. 08 | Aired Dec 5, 2012

Arrow (Stephen Amell) sulks after his fourth—or is it fifth?—rejection of the night. 

At her home, Helena watches as her father, Frank, comforts a woman who is mourning the loss of one of his murdered colleagues, Nick. Helena tells the woman that she's sorry for her loss and that Nick was like a brother to her. After the woman leaves, Frank angrily promises to punish whoever killed Nick. Helena seems to smirk at his comment. It's evident she was the one who killed Nick. Diggle was so right about her.

Not that Oliver cares of course. It's not long before Oliver shows up to to Helena's house. Once again, Helena tries to push him away but Oliver convinces her to come with him to Laurel's sister's grave site. He opens up to her about how he blames himself for the death. They hold hands and Oliver tells Helena that she's on an island too (so deep!). Helena says she wants to let Oliver in but Michael was the last man she opened up to and she's not willing to go through it again. (Wait, so her sharing her life story with Oliver during dinner in the last episode wasn't opening up?). Instead of walking away after rejection number three, Oliver resolutely tells Helena that he would never hurt her.

As if to prove his point, Oliver takes Helena to his hideaway, where he attempts to teach her how to use a bow & arrow (spoiler alert: she sucks). Eventually, they take a break from the lessons and have some fun as Helena throws things into the air and Oliver shoots them down. Ok, so it's not exactly conventional flirting but it's totally working for me.

Oliver shows Helena his father's list but before they can really bond over shared enemies, Dig shows up. Helena tries to be nice to him, but Diggle is quick to shut her down.

"She knows my name. That's lovely," Dig tells Oliver after Helena leaves. Oliver responds by telling Dig that he can trust her, to which he retorts, "Except I don't." Again, smart man. Dig tells Oliver that he's only trying to fix Helena because he's lonely. The ever so stubborn Oliver remains unfazed by Dig's lecture.

Tommy shows up at Laurel's office and tells her he's got a reservation at a hot new restaurant. (Side note: Is it me, or did she look annoyed as soon as she heard his voice?). Laurel points out that the place is ridiculously expensive, which could be a problem since Tommy doesn't have a job. Tommy says that everyone seems to have their life together, even Oliver, who is now working on a nightclub. The comment inspires Laurel to put on her "thinky face," which to me, just looks like her regular annoyed face. Laurel, it turns out, has the perfect solution for Tommy's financial woes: He should ask Oliver for a job. She's convinced Oliver will think it's a great idea.

At Queen Corp., IT girl (yay she's back!), meets with Walter to give him an update on the money Moira had mysteriously withdrawn from the company. Walter, who has decided to trust his wife, cuts her off and says it was all a misunderstanding and that everything has been resolved but IT girl holds her ground (again, love her). She tells him that she wasn't the only one who tracked the money Moira withdrew from the company, it turns out another entity also tracked the money. "Whoever it is they're good. NSA good," she tells him, before adding, "But as you know. I'm good too." Turns out IT girl was able to find an image tied to the other entity. It's the same circular pattern we've seen in earlier episodes. IT girl asks Walter whether the image means something to him. He tells her it doesn't and then says he'll suspend her if she ever looks into his wife's fiances again.

NEXT: Arrow and Helena takedown a drug dealer...

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