Arrow recap: Falling for the Enemy

Oliver falls for a beautiful assassin; Tommy gets cut-off
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 28, 2012

Oliver (Stephen Amell) suited up at dinner.

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Later, while watching security footage from Russo's, Det. Lance spots Oliver dining with Helena. He decides to do the noble thing and warns Oliver to stay away from Bertinelli's daughter.

Meanwhile, Tommy interrupts his father's fencing session to find out why his credit cards aren't working. When his father removes his fencing mask (this show is ALL about removing masks), we discover that he's the same man who's been paying Moira visits. Tommy's dad gives him a harsh lecture and tells him he won't be getting anymore money from his trust fund. Disheartened (and broke), Tommy goes to sulk at Laurel's place. Again, she manages to hold back the snark long enough to comfort him. Does this mean we have to like her now?

Totally disregarding Det. Lance's advice, Oliver tracks down Helena at her fiance's grave site. She tells him that his death changed her. As she goes to leave, she and Oliver are taken hostage by Salvati, who has figured out that Helena is the motorcycle assassin. Salvati tells Helena that her father ordered him to kill her fiance because they discovered he was gathering evidence against the mob to hand over to the FBI. Helena tells him she was the one talking to the FBI, not her fiance. As Salvati takes aim at her, Oliver intervenes. Oliver and Helena work to take down Salvati's men. She ends up killing Salvati by snapping his neck. "I didn't have a choice," she says to Oliver. "No one can know my secret." Sound familiar?

Back at the precinct, the cops are wondering who killed Salvati. They determine that it's probably not Arrow because breaking necks isn't his style. Det. Lance however says he hopes Bertinilli thinks Arrow is responsible, because if he thinks the Triad has anything to do with it Starling City could become a war zone.

Meanwhile, Oliver meets Helena in her room and confronts her about her quest for vengeance. In response, she calls him out as Starling City's vigilante (and so another person is in on the secret!). She tells him the island changed him in a way that only someone like her can understand. She starts to cry and he kisses her. Again, I know I'm supposed to feel something here but with such little build-up I just couldn't connect.

But maybe I'm the only one. Let me know what you think about this new relationship in the comments.

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