Arrow recap: Arrested Development

Twists galore! The Arrow in cuffs, John Barrowman arrives, a sidekick is hired, and a long-lost ship returns
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 31, 2012

The CW

-- Oliver's mom meets with Barrowman's mysterious wealthy man, who's apparently one of Oliver's future targets. "He's not targeting the rich…he's targeting The List" -- so they know about that list of names too. And, also: Captain Jack!

-- Diggle returns and agrees to join Oliver's fledgling justice league. "I'm not signing on to be a sidekick," he insists. Sorry dude. The show is called Arrow. You're a sidekick.

-- Detective Quentin spots Queen changing into his outfit on the security tapes. He knows! Cops arrest Oliver.

-- Walter Steele finds that his wife funneled more than $2 million into a project called Tempest (hmm).  When he gets to its secret warehouse door he guesses the code ("ROBERT" -- Oliver's father's name ... couldn't his devious criminal mastermind wife have made it "1-2-3-4-5" or "PASSWORD" to make it just a tad easier to guess?). Inside is ...whoa. The Queen's Gambit? The yacht that sank with Oliver, his lover and his father? We know that Oliver's mom was somehow involved in the sinking, but this is really a head-trip.

So Oliver took his sister's advice and showed Laurel who he really was -- and terrified her in the process. We also got the clearest demonstration yet of how much the island changed Oliver, going from a man who wouldn't even hurt a little bird to a man willing to beat somebody to death.

What do you think?

Will Diggle get a cool sidekick costume? What's up with the ship in the warehouse? Will Oliver get away with murder? And will Laurel still not be able to figure out Oliver and Arrow are the same person? Sound off! (And if you're a Game of Thrones fan, find my archive of recaps here).

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