Arrow recap: Arrested Development

Twists galore! The Arrow in cuffs, John Barrowman arrives, a sidekick is hired, and a long-lost ship returns
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 31, 2012

The CW

-- Train tracks: Nice twist on the classic damsel-in-distress, with a bad guy tied to the train tracks. It still works.

Next we get into the show's big set-piece at a prison. But before we do's time for...

Island Flashback!

Oliver is in the cave and hungry. Bearded Asian Guy gives him a live bird in a cage. He keeps repeating a foreign word. It sounds like he's saying "Szechwan." I kept wanting Oliver to reply, "Yes, thank you, Szechwan-style is fine." But Bearded Asian Guy ignores him until he's cooking his own tasty creature and Oliver tries to grab some. He smacks him away. I almost expected some variation on, "snatch dinner from hand" here, but instead he explains Queen has to kill a bird himself. Oliver whines that he's never killed anything before. But eventually he gets hungry enough to snap the bird's neck. "You want survive this place; bird not last thing you kill," says Bearded Asian Yoda.

Back the the present: Oliver breaks into the prison dressed as the world's scariest security guard and rescues Laurel from a manufactured prison riot. During the fighting, Oliver starts whaling on an attacker until Laurel grabs his arm and he practically elbows her, furious (that's right, just like Roger assaulting JWoww when she tried to interfere with his fight on Jersey Shore a couple weeks back).

[Behind-the-scenes factoid: Oliver originally was just about to break his attacker's neck when Laurel stops him -- just like he broke the bird's neck. But in post-production, the action wasn't clear enough -- it looked like Oliver was giving the man a hug. So producers re-shot this scene to simply have Oliver pummeling the guy.]

Oliver rescues Laurel, and the wrongly convicted man gets set free. But now Laurel is really disturbed and no longer believes The Arrow is necessarily a good guy. "There's something inside of him that's not human," she says.

Okay, so the episode is winding down, right? Wrong. Now we get, not one, but four really intriguing developments:

NEXT: Holy ship!

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