Arrow recap: Arrested Development

Twists galore! The Arrow in cuffs, John Barrowman arrives, a sidekick is hired, and a long-lost ship returns
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 31, 2012

The CW

The next morning we learn Laurel's insults have given him nightmares -- not having a psycho sniper shoot at his family, mind you, but Laurel's mere words. Never underestimate the power of passive-aggressive put-downs. Next we patiently wait while Oliver's sister Thea gives any first-time Arrow viewers who happen to be watching some exposition about Oliver's sordid and tragic history with Laurel while trying to sound all casual about it.

Oliver says: "I know it might not seem like it sometimes, but I'm not the same person I used to be."

Thea replies with that standard piece of not-as-effective-as-we-wish-it-would-be dating advice: Just be yourself! 

Oliver later learns bodyguard Dirk Diggle quit, but without selling his secret identity out to the cops. He's got a new guard now, a stiff named Rob. We figure Rob isn't going to last very long, but it's amusing to see Oliver outmaneuver him.

At this point we have to start caring about this new guy, Peter Declan, who supposedly murdered his wife and his going to be executed. We get a few scenes of Arrow and Laurel figuring out he's innocent. Most interestingly:

-- Laurel's apartment: Oliver breaks in, all hooded and threatening-looking. Laurel grabs a pistol from her desk drawer. If you're worried about intruders, probably a better idea to keep the firearm next to the bed.

-- That vacant-looking diner: Oliver pesters Diggle to join his quest. This is probably the clearest we've heard Oliver describe his mission. He explains these bad guys on his list were part of a wealthy criminal conspiracy -- and so was his father. He's not just trying to save the city, he's trying to atone for the sins of his family.

-- Laurel's office: She can't help but tell her co-worker about her encounter with the mysterious hooded man. "He goes against every thing I was taught to believe in," she says, sounding rather ... turned on.

-- A rooftop: Laurel and Oliver meet again. Okay, we're now suspending a rather large amount of disbelief here. She still can't tell who he is? If your ex-boyfriend showed up in a green hoodie talking all breathy, wouldn't you know him? And can't he just text her from a Google Voice account or something? Beats jumping off a roof after time you want to have a chat.

NEXT: A bird in the hand is worth something-something...

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