Arrow season finale recap: The Final Countdown

In which there's a whole lot of destruction and a death that no one saw coming
Ep. | Aired May 15, 2013

AB FAB Oliver's abs tell me so much about his internal struggles. I wonder if they have their own IMDB page at this point...

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So, what's Tommy been doing since he saw his ex-girlfriend and ex-bestfriend getting it on? Drowning his sorrows in alcohol, obviously. Tommy rages at Oliver (and deservedly so) for betraying him, but Ollie doesn't have time to tend his wounds. He gives Tommy a half-hearted apology and then moves on to a topic that's slightly more important: the impending destruction of the Glades. He tells Tommy about Malcolm's plans, but his pleas are ignored. Instead, Tommy tells Oliver that he wishes he had died on the island. After watching this scene, I was that much more convinced that Tommy was going to tip over to the dark side by the end of the episode. Weren't you?

Flashback to the Island: Though Oliver, Slade and Shado are in combat with Fyers' men, they manage to reprogram the missile. The only problem? It gets redirected toward the island. Oops!

Back in Starling City, Lance gets suspended for telling his boss they should clear out the Glades because Arrow said so. Okay Lance, I admit it, you're growing on me.

At the Queen Mansion, Oliver tells Moira they must to stop The Undertaking, but she's too scared -- or should I say selfish? -- to act. While they argue about the right thing to do, Malcolm calls Moira to tell her that he has decided to accelerate his plan to demolish the Glades. He wants the Undertaking to happen that night. Why he'd tell Moira this after knowing her son, Oliver, is the Hood, is beyond me, but all right.

Meanwhile, Laurel shows up at Oliver's house. She wants to know why he left without saying goodbye. Is she being insecure? Slightly. But given their history, it's more than warranted. Oliver calms Laurel down and tells her that she's the only one who always saw him for who he truly is. They kiss. She cries. Wait, why is she crying? Isn't this supposed to be a happy moment for them? Maybe I'm just heartless.

Cut to what might just be the best -- and certainly most cinematic (at least on an emotional level) scene in the episode: A still drunk Tommy tells his dad that Laurel left him for Oliver. Then he says that Oliver also accused Malcolm of trying to level the Glades. So crazy, right dad? Ha, wait what? Malcolm makes Tommy listen to a voicemail his mother left while she was dying. (In case you need a refresher, Malcolm wants to level the Glades because his darling wife -- who opened a clinic there -- was robbed and left to die on the street). Tommy is devastated and begs his father to stop playing the voicemail.

Meanwhile, Felicity has figured out that the earthquake machine is positioned underground. Oliver realizes he knows where it's hidden -- it's situated near where Tommy's mother died.

NEXT: Moira comes clean and gets arrested...

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