Arrow recap: Truth Bombs

Oliver and Laurel get together; someone else discovers Arrow's real identity
Ep. 22 | Aired May 8, 2013

GOOD CHEMISTRY? Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) rekindle their romance.

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So, how annoying is Tommy? He goes on the offense as soon as Oliver walks into his office. Oliver however manages to brush off his insults and stick to the topic at hand: Laurel. Oliver is there to repair their relationship — just like Laurel had asked him to do in the last episode. Oliver tells Tommy he can't be with Laurel. When Tommy says he doesn't want to be anyone's "consolation prize," Oliver reminds Tommy that Laurel chose to be with him and that he couldn't handle it.

Meanwhile, Diggle tells Felicity that security has showed up, and that she needs to get out of the mainframe room. The only problem? She hasn't finished downloading everything she needs.  Oliver is on his way to help Felicity, when he's sidetracked by Malcolm Merlyn, who decides to join him in the elevator. He finally ditches Merlyn in the lobby, but before he can go back upstairs Thea stops him. Oliver wants to know what Thea — and Roy — are doing there, and she admits that they're trying to find the vigilante. Oliver introduces himself to Roy as Thea's disapproving brother and warns him not to mess around with The Hood.

Meanwhile, Felicity gets stopped by a security officer. He asks to see her ID when Diggle shows up and says she's one of Merlyn Jr.'s jilted bimbos. While Diggle drags her away, Felicity shouts, "But I love him! He's my man!" That's right, Felicity! It's all about committing to the part.

Later, Roy tells Thea he wants to stake out a Vertigo dealer, on the off chance the vigilante might show up to the scene. Thea however is done being the supportive girlfriend. She reminds Roy that Oliver asked them to stay away from the Hood, but Roy is too cool to care. He calls Oliver a wimp and that really sets Thea off. During their argument, Roy tells Thea that he lost someone in his life, but he won't reveal who it is. He says he wants find the Hood so he can learn to be more like him and never face losing someone again. And yet, he's perfectly willing to lose Thea when she asks him to choose between her or the Hood.

At the mansion, Moira tells Walter she had him abducted to save his life, but he doesn't care. He hands her divorce papers and walks out. So is that it for Walter? Or do you think we'll see him again in the finale? I certainly wasn't expecting him to depart so soon after his return.

Back at the precinct, Lance gets a lead...sort of. His techie tells him that though he wasn't able to crack the Merlyn mainframe, he was able to find someone else who was trying to do the same. He IDs Felicity as the other hacker. That can't be good.

At the hideaway, Oliver has a realization. He doesn't need to cross names off a list to right his father's wrongs; all he needs to do is destroy The Undertaking. When Diggle asks if that means he'd hangup the hood, Oliver tells him that he came back from the island to stop Merlyn's plan. So, in other words, yes.

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