Arrow recap: Truth Bombs

Oliver and Laurel get together; someone else discovers Arrow's real identity
Ep. 22 | Aired May 8, 2013

GOOD CHEMISTRY? Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) rekindle their romance.

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After "Arrow" releases them, Moira rushes over to Oliver, who pushes her away. He limps back to the hideaway, where Felicity fusses over his bruises. Oliver asks Felicity to dig up everything on Unidac Industries. She tells him that Queen Consolidated acquired Unidac seven months ago. "That's when we met," adds Felicity, who just can't help herself. They reason that the Dark Archer is working for Merlyn. Oliver decides they need to find the deadly device before either Merlyn or The Dark Archer can set it off. Felicity tries to hack into Merlyn Global's mainframe to hone in on the location of the device, but she can't infiltrate the system. "Unless I can waltz up to Merlyn's mainframe and plug in my tablet directly, there's no way of getting that location," says Felicity. Oliver responds: "Then we waltz." Cue hijinks!

Flashback to the Island: Yao Fei slips a knife into Oliver's hands before going off with Fyers to tape his confessional. Meanwhile, an assistant type tells a long-legged woman in stilettos (we don't see her face) that the plan is underway.

At the precinct, Lance interrogates Tommy about Meryln Global's connection to Unidac. As Tommy leaves, he runs into Laurel, who's there to have lunch with her dad. Later, Lance asks Laurel why she and Tommy broke up, and she says it's because of Oliver. After Laurel rattles off all the reasons why Oliver is the worst, Lance surprises her (and me!) by admitting that Oliver has changed since coming back from the island.

Guess which crime-fighting trio has watched Ocean's 11 one too many times? To get into Merlyn Industries, Oliver sets up a meeting with Tommy, while Felicity poses as a delivery girl. Meanwhile, Diggle gets a gig in the Meryln surveillance room, and drugs his hungry co-worker with a laced order of Big Belly Burger. Since they can't actually "waltz" right up to the restricted mainframe room, Oliver and Felicity go through the elevator shaft. Oliver instructs Felicity to hold on to him tight as he prepares to swing to an entrance. "I imagined you saying that under different circumstances," she says, earning a look from Oliver. "Very platonic circumstances." While this escapade -- and the elevator music that accompanied it -- felt a little out of place in an otherwise serious episode, it was worth it for this line alone.

Once inside, Oliver leaves for his meeting with Tommy and promises a frazzled Felicity he'll be back to escort her down the elevator shaft before security shows up.

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