Arrow recap: The Weight of Lies

In which everyone learns something new about everyone else
Ep. 21 | Aired May 1, 2013

FACING FACTS Oliver (Stephen Amell) had to face some hard truths about his family and himself while trying to uncover Walter's true fate.

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In the hospital the next day, the Queen family piles onto Walter, just happy that he is alive. Walter even calls Oliver “son.” Felicity brings flowers! Who is Felicity again? “This is Felicity. She’s my friend.” (Oliver really should start hosting meet-and-greets.)

For our final flashback, we see Robert preparing to cast off with the ship. Moira has a bad feeling about it but Robert tells her that he loves her and Oliver comes up and spoils everything with his annoying hair(/face). He wants to go with his dad but he’s in school. Psych! Robert wants to bond with his son. Moira relents. Ollie spots Laurel pulling up by the dock, makes an excuse about needing to call Tommy, and then actually calls Laurel’s sister to make sure she doesn’t also pull up and so expose their affair. And then he tells Laurel a whole lot of lies about being glad that she came by to tell him goodbye, about not being freaked out by the apartment talk, and about being totally, completely fine. They kiss and then she’s gone.

One ominous phone call later and we learn that Mr. Chen has double-crossed Robert, planting a bomb on-board the ship. It’s been timed that so that they’ll also run into an approaching storm. Malcolm notes with relish that the whole thing will look like “an act of God.” (Callback!)

At the hospital in the present, Malcolm runs into Oliver and offers his relief that Walter was rescued and is recovering. The vigilante was involved? Oliver nods and fakes a traumatic indifference to mask his rage. It’s a neat cover-up. Laurel shows up next, having just heard the news on the news. Oliver sees her and is so sad. She says that Tommy told her about Oliver’s real feelings? Oliver doesn’t have the energy to keep up any more lies. Yes, he still loves her, yes. She’s shocked, and it’s a reaction sharp with feeling.

Finally, Oliver turns up at Dig’s apartment. Dig is hella annoyed but Oliver whisper-apologizes to him and then comes clean: “You were right and I was wrong” -- about everything: Moira, Malcolm, that whole wild Undertaking. What’s coming next? The camera cuts to and zooms in on a truck, speeding toward the city. “They’re planning something terrible,” Oliver says. He doesn’t know what, but he does know one thing: “I need your help to stop them.”

And with that, we now head into Arrow’s final two episodes of the season. As a push to get several balls rolling, “The Undertaking” was fairly successful, I thought. And it was nice to see some larger developments have meaty emotional responses amongst our Starling City elite. Nuzhat will be back from the red carpet next week. Until then, be sure to maintain a healthy diet of scowling and betrayal. It makes you a better actor!

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