Arrow recap: The Weight of Lies

In which everyone learns something new about everyone else
Ep. 21 | Aired May 1, 2013

FACING FACTS Oliver (Stephen Amell) had to face some hard truths about his family and himself while trying to uncover Walter's true fate.

Diyah Pera/The CW

At Queen Manor, Thea and Moira are laughing(/bonding) over electronic clothes shopping. They’re using a tablet. It’s rectangular. Can you tell which brand? That’s for the best. Oliver walks in, eyes red, and tells them that he has some news: an FBI friend of Dig’s got word that Walter is dead. Thea is mortified. Moira is angry: Who did Dig talk to? Did they find the body? All good questions, Moira, but it’s preventing you from storming off to yell at Malcolm.

Anyway, before she can do that we see Robert and Mr. Chen in flashback, discussing how to thwart Malcolm’s plan for The Glades. They decide that a direct war would be folly. Why is it that Malcolm is so much more powerful and wealthy than all these other wealthy, powerful people? Instead, Robert has a better idea: They will quietly buy up the rest of the property in The Glades so that Malcolm will be unable to personally rebuild it after it’s destroyed -- which will stop him from going through it in the first place. Pleased with this development, Robert also tells Mr. Chen that he’s sailing out on the Queen’s Gambit. Ollie sighting! He has bad hair and can’t break $100. Laurel sighting! She has better hair and a LSATs prep book. They talk about maybe moving into together. He says “let’s do it” but means “no way.”

Moira is finally able to storm into Malcolm’s office and confront him with her knowledge of his role in Walter’s death. He promised he wouldn’t kill Walter! Oh, but he hasn’t. He calls someone to “turn on the camera” showing that Walter is, in fact, alive. But if Revenge has taught us anything, it’s taught us that electronics are evil. Oliver, with a fancy electronic arrow of his own, listens in on Malcolm’s revelation -- and from it, also realizes that his mother has been complicit all along.

Back in the lair, Felicity comes in still sad and finds Oliver there, all night presumably, still sad. She tries to share her grief, not knowing that he’s grieving something else entirely. Walter is alive, Felicity, and Oliver needs Malcolm’s phone records to find out where he’s being held. Felicity wants to know why they are digging into Malcolm Merlyn. Did she not know he was evil? Because we learned that, like, months ago. But that’s the thing about Arrow: The audience knows most everything about everyone but most everyone knows very little about anyone else.

Some quick high-tech sleuthing shows that Walter is being held in a tenement building in Blüdhaven, and instead of calling Nightwing, Oliver decides to parachute onto the roof and take out all the guards himself, a hooded specter of righteousness and betrayal. It’s pretty snazzy. Finally he finds Walter holed up in a cell, and with a quick click of his vigilante voice tells him, “You’re going home.”

NEXT: You get a reconciliation and you get a reconciliation!

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