Arrow recap: The Weight of Lies

In which everyone learns something new about everyone else
Ep. 21 | Aired May 1, 2013

FACING FACTS Oliver (Stephen Amell) had to face some hard truths about his family and himself while trying to uncover Walter's true fate.

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Over in the world of high finance, Laurel is taking Oliver’s advice and trying to talk to Tommy, who’s now suit-deep in his father’s work. As she says, “You really look like your father.” Also: “You still love me!” Also: Can’t he let their relationship end, if it must, with honesty? Fine: Honestly, Oliver is still in love with Laurel. Aaand, Tommy has a meeting.

Under the cover of darkness, and zipped up in a nice red dress, Felicity heads to the casino with Oliver watching nearby. The plan is to count cards only well enough to get caught and then slip a bug onto Alonzo’s computer when he pulls her into his office to warn her off from cheating. What if he gives her a bullet instead of a warning? Oh, Felicity. Inside, she spots six guards, two pit bosses, and no slot machines. Oliver reminds her to stay focused. She reminds him that “it feels really good having you inside me.” She bumbles some more and he snaps at her, which seems a little ungenerous.

Malcolm and Moira are having a drink to celebrate the news that the Markhov device passed its final test that morning and is at that moment on its way into the city. She’s only sad that Robert isn’t there to celebrate as well. Malcolm apologizes for “taking him away” and they toast to their departed spouses.

In the next flashback, we see Robert confess Malcolm’s scheme to Moira. He’s been acting weirdly lately and she assumes that it’s a mistress. But actually it’s the fact that Malcolm is planning to destroy several whole city blocks. Why would Robert ever get involved in something like that? Oh, if only Moira knew about that one time Robert got into a fight with a city councilman and he fell and died. What? She’s horrified but sympathetic: Stopping Malcolm now would be true atonement for all of that.

At Alonzo’s Underground Casino Emporium, Felicity is on the verge of winning big. She goes all in with her mounds of chips and does win big, before a burly man in a suit pulls her into Alonzo’s office. She cleverly narrates her location to herself(/Oliver) and there’s some talk about the origin of the phrase “86ed.” Felicity has been “86ed” from the casino, which means banned and not killed. It also means that Alonzo has spotted the device in her ear with which she was talking to Oliver. But she manages to slip the bug onto his computer. Yay, Felicity! Boo, Felicity!

Alonzo makes a crack about her partner, to which she responds, “You’re going to be very upset when you meet my partner.” Glass shatters! Arrow arrives, knocking out a whole bunch of goons and then blowing Alonzo sideways after he holds Felicity at gunpoint. Where is Walter Steele? Dead, Alonzo says. “I heard the gun shot.”

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