Arrow recap: The Weight of Lies

In which everyone learns something new about everyone else
Ep. 21 | Aired May 1, 2013

FACING FACTS Oliver (Stephen Amell) had to face some hard truths about his family and himself while trying to uncover Walter's true fate.

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We’re back at the club where Laurel is still recovering from Tommy’s noble but cruel decision to break up with her. She’s nursing a cup of terrible coffee (“That’s what you get for ordering coffee at a bar,” Oliver reminds her because the sass apparently comes free) and trying to get Oliver to talk to Tommy. He says they haven’t really been speaking. He says it’s probably just Tommy getting cold feet. He seems, as Stephen Amell typically does in these scenes, more emotionally responsive -- not just like Amell is more expressive, but that Oliver is more expressive with Laurel when he otherwise can’t be bothered. Felicity cameos and bumbles all over herself before ushering Oliver back to the lair.

It turns out she managed to get the list of deposits that Mr. Accountant made last year -- which leads her to a $2 million deposit on December 12, the night Walter was kidnapped. What if one of his clients kidnapped Walter? What if Walter is still alive? What if they can find him? Commercial break!

Felicity traces the money to Dominic Alonzo, the head of an underground casino and a notorious kidnapper. It’s too bad the casino employs a private army, and it’s doubly bad because Oliver won’t be able to walk right in without setting off warning signs. (Dilettante playboys don’t go into underground casinos? Mmhmmm.) Felicity has two contributions: She can count cards really well and she is totally going instead. Oliver tries to put his foot down but then gets cold feet. (Callback!)

Flashback time: Robert and Walter are talking after the earlier meeting. Walter thinks Robert seems not well and offers to lend a friendly ear. Unfortunately, Malcolm is still about the estate and launches into a monologue about the importance of this new, crazy-seeming plan because of the trauma he suffered listening to his wife die and knowing he couldn’t do anything to save her. By the end, the speech does get in a few good punches, and Barrowman is quite good in it. Could Robert even imagine what kind of pain that must be, to lose your wife to the scum of The Glades? He has to try.

Back to the now: Felicity pays Dig a house call, though he puts on a stone face and pretends to be not-so-happy to see her. That cracks immediately. They are so friends outside of the lair. She wants him to talk to Oliver. He wants her to know that “we don’t need a relationship counselor.” (Lies.) Felicity needs his help, and so does Oliver. And if Dig were really in trouble, Oliver would still come to his aid. But Dig doesn’t want those kinds of qualifications, and he needs to hear Oliver admit he was wrong from Oliver.

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