Arrow recap: You Choose, You Lose

Oliver is torn between Diggle and Laurel; Tommy decides he's had enough
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 24, 2013

Oliver and Tommy's bromance continues to disintegrate.

Jack Rowand/The CW

With the cops dealt with, Tommy wastes no time pointing out that Oliver still loves Laurel. Oliver tells Tommy he has nothing to worry about. He can never be with Laurel because of what he does as Arrow. Oliver promises Tommy that Laurel will never know his secret, but that's not enough for his ex-bestie. Tommy thinks if Laurel did find out about Oliver's secret identity, she would choose him. And he's definitely not okay with that.

The next morning, Laurel says a teary goodbye to Taylor, who is going to live with his grandparents. But it's not the last goodbye of the day. Tommy tells Laurel he's not sure he can give her the kind of commitment she's looking for. I know we're supposed to feel bad for Tommy here, especially because he makes himself out to be the bad guy so Laurel can be free of him, but it all seems quite selfish. After all, he's only leaving Laurel because he can't deal with the fact that she might choose Oliver over him someday. Also, everyone knows you can't breakup with a girl on her birthday, Valentine's Day, or the morning after she's almost killed by an assassin.

Speaking of breakups, back at the lair, Diggle tells Oliver he's done with him (again). Let's see how long it lasts this time.

Finally...on the island: Oliver, Shado and Slade get an unexpected visitor: Yao-Fei. Slade wants to know how he escaped, and Yao-Fei informs him he didn't. Something is clearly off, but before they can figure out what, Fyers' men show up and corner the group, and Yao-Fei tells Oliver that his time on the island is over. Does this mean Yao-Fei has been playing them all along? Or is he playing Fyers? I'm hoping the latter. Either way, it's a great twist.

Like I said, a lot happened in tonight's episode. But the best of it, at least for me, happened on the island. How about you?

Line of the night: "I wear a hood and put arrows into criminals, so when it comes to complexity, I grade on a curve." —Oliver, about his complicated relationship with Laurel

What did you think? Do you want Oliver and Laurel to get together? Do you think Ollie and Shado are truly over? (If they are, I hear Slade is available). Are you ready for Tommy to embrace his inner bad guy? Hit the comments and let me know.

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