Arrow recap: You Choose, You Lose

Oliver is torn between Diggle and Laurel; Tommy decides he's had enough
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 24, 2013

Oliver and Tommy's bromance continues to disintegrate.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Meanwhile, back at the Queen mansion, Moira tells Laurel that she liked who Oliver was when he was dating her. For awhile, I thought maybe the series had moved away from the Oliver/Laurel love story, but after this episode, it seems like we're headed right into it. Oliver arrives to tell Laurel that Rasmus was arrested after the vigilante made him confess to all his crimes. Laurel is notably pleased to hear the vigilante came to her rescue yet again. With the threat over with, Tommy is ready to go home, but Moira insists they spend the night, if only so little Taylor can get his beauty rest. (He certainly deserves it). Tommy tells Laurel it's up to her. Laurel decides to stay and Tommy looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown.

At the precinct, the assassin poses as a lawyer and visits Rasmus, who warns him to leave Taylor alone (apparently, Arrow really got through to him). But the assassin doesn't intend to listen to orders. Taylor saw his face, so he needs to be taken out, just like Rasmus. The assassin puts strong pressure on Rasmus' forearm and tells him he'll be dead in 15 seconds.

Meanwhile, Roy ditches a very confused Thea to go after the vigilante when he hears a message about his whereabouts on the stolen police radio. He goes to the scene only to be cornered by Lance, who apparently set the whole thing up to get his radio back. Does Lance really have nothing better to do? Like, I don't know, maybe protect his daughter? Regardless, Lance realizes that Roy admires the Hood, so he takes him to the police morgue to show him the body of a man who was killed by the vigilante. He warns Roy not to trust the vigilante. Naturally, Roy doesn't listen. Later, he tells Thea that his recent near-death experience changed him and he wants to do more. He's convinced his life is somehow connected to the Hood's. Always the supportive girlfriend, Thea decides to help Roy find Arrow. "I can tell this means the world to you, and you mean the world to me," she says. How long have they been dating again?

Back at the Queen mansion, Laurel tells Oliver that she can see he has truly changed and the two hug it out. Tommy secretly watches them, probably seething in anger. Suddenly the lights go off. Oliver instructs Laurel and Tommy to stay with Taylor while he goes to check things out.

Downstairs, the assassin has fired his way into the mansion (not sure how no one upstairs heard the noise, but we'll go with it).

Oliver manages to take him by surprise, but the assassin isn't one to give up easily. They spar, when suddenly, the assassin asks Oliver what happened to him on the island. Wait, did I miss something here? How does the assassin know that Ollie is Arrow? Either way, Oliver doesn't seem bothered. (He probably should be, right?). He kills the assassin with a fireplace poker and then passes out.

Later, Oliver tells the cops that one of his bodyguards killed the assassin, and Tommy backs him up.

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