Arrow recap: You Choose, You Lose

Oliver is torn between Diggle and Laurel; Tommy decides he's had enough
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 24, 2013

Oliver and Tommy's bromance continues to disintegrate.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Tommy, Laurel and Taylor show up to Oliver's doorstep, where Diggle introduces them to their bodyguards. Oliver doesn't stick around to make his guests feel welcome -- he has to leave to deal with Lawton. This doesn't sit well with Tommy, who angrily tells Oliver that the only reason they came to his house was so they could be under his protection. I see his point, except it's a bit unreasonable to make demands of your host after you invite yourself over. And to think, I was just starting to like Tommy again.

Anyway, Oliver goes back to the lair, where Felicity is babbling on and on about the plan to take down Deadshot, when they get an alert about Rasmus. Apparently, the financier is on his way to the airport to skip town. Felicity tells Oliver he can only take out one target: Deadshot or Rasmus, which really just means he has to choose between Diggle and Laurel.

So, who does Arrow choose? Rasmus. He decides to stop him from leaving town, while Diggle secretly watches as Lyla and her posse of undercover cops wait for Lawton. Lawton, as it turns out, didn't take the bait. Instead, he takes out the cops. Diggle goes after Deadshot, but he gets the drop on him. Deadshot decides not to kill Diggle because he's not getting paid for it, which doesn't really make sense since he's a cold-blooded assassin. Why would he let a man who was after him walk away just because he wasn't getting paid to take him out? I understand that the door needed to be left open for Deadshot's return -- and for Diggle's vengeance -- but this plot point just seemed way too convenient.

Deadshot ultimately knocks Diggle out and leaves the scene. Later, back at the hideaway, Diggle accuses Oliver of choosing Laurel over him. Wait, didn't they have a very similar fight right before the hiatus? Can't these two just work it out?

On the island: Shado teaches Oliver how to shoot an arrow with instructions that are full of subtext. "Give into your senses," she tells Oliver. He does exactly that and kisses her (that was quick!). Apparently, he's not a bad student after all. The kiss doesn't last long (or at least not as long as we would have all liked it to). Oliver pulls away, and tells Shado he's still too in love with Laurel to pursue anything new. When Shado asks Oliver if Laurel knows how much he loves her, he says that she doesn't, but she will when he gets back home. Can I just point out that Oliver has dated at least two women since coming back to Starling City? And yet, he couldn't finish a kiss with Shado on the island? Okay.

NEXT: Oliver and the assassin go head-to-head...

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