Arrow recap: You Choose, You Lose

Oliver is torn between Diggle and Laurel; Tommy decides he's had enough
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 24, 2013

Oliver and Tommy's bromance continues to disintegrate.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Later, a shaken Laurel decides to take temporary guardianship of Taylor. After hearing Laurel's clients were killed, Oliver goes see her, and ends up running into Tommy. He lets it slip that he met Laurel's clients when he stopped by her office earlier to pick her up for lunch, which probably wouldn't have been a big deal, had Laurel actually told Tommy about said lunch. Actually, who am I kidding? This is Tommy we're talking about. It probably would have been a big deal either way.

Back at the lair, Diggle reveals to Oliver that he doesn't just want Deadshot arrested. He wants him dead. "Then tomorrow night we cross Floyd Lawton's name of your list," Oliver tells him. Oliver instructs Felicity to look into Edward Rasmus' finances to try to link him to the man who killed Laurel's clients.

Cut to the precinct, where Roy stops by to see Detective Lance to talk about the Hood. Lance isn't really interested in what he has to say, though. When Lance leaves, Roy swipes a police radio off his desk. Least secure police precinct EVER.

At Laurel's apartment, Tommy tries to comfort Taylor by telling him what he went through when he lost his mother. He assures Taylor that his parents will always be there with him, and Laurel is impressed. "You constantly surprise me, Merlyn," she says. The heart-to-heart is cut short by a knock at the door. It's the assassin posing as a police lieutenant. Laurel smartly asks him to hold up his badge, and when he does, she realizes that it begins with a zero. She tells Tommy that lieutenants' badges don't begin with zero. By the time she pieces it together, though, it's already too late.

The assassin shoots his way into the apartment and inches closer to Tommy and Taylor, who are hiding behind a couch. Before he can hurt them, Laurel comes out of her room with a rifle. "You know my father's a cop, right?," she says. Apparently, reading badges isn't the only thing she learned from her dad. Laurel fires at the assassin only to realize her rifle has just one bullet in it. (So close, Laurel. So close). To make matters worse, she misses. Luckily for her, Arrow swoops in and knocks the gun out of the assassin's hand before he can take another shot. However, the assassin still manages to shoot his way out of the apartment, fleeing through an open window.

Later, Lance tells Laurel that he wants her, Tommy and Taylor to go into protective custody, but she insists the Hood is all the protection she needs. Lance is not convinced (which is really annoying because Arrow has done a much better job of protecting Laurel than Lance ever has), so Tommy comes up with another idea. "What about Oliver?" he says, noting that the Queens have more security than the president. I have to hand it to Tommy for putting aside his petty issues with Oliver to keep Laurel and Taylor safe.

NEXT: Oliver has to choose between Laurel and Diggle...

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