Arrow recap: Mean Streets

A lot of people do a lot of killing for a lot of murky reasons. Superheroes!
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 27, 2013

DARK NIGHT Oliver (Stephen Amell) faced off against a band of soldiers and a mad man without a gun -- and he only got shot at once.

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Oliver returns to the lair to find Felicity alone. “I’ve never seen anybody die,” she says. But that’s the cost of doing business, Oliver says. Well the cost of business is high and how could anyone even think of dating on top of all of it?

We’ll return to developing that particular idea (noticing a theme yet?) after our regularly scheduled flashback. Oliver and Slade meet with Fyers and his men in the forest and exchange words like “boat,” “circuit board,” and “honest.” Then the soldiers drag a woman from the trees and our duo realize they’ve been had. Fyers wants the circuit board, see, or he’ll kill his hostage, who is also Yao Fei’s daughter. How will Oliver’s principles look then?

It’s back to Laurel, then, and more about the maybe-Sarah. Her parents arrive, as asked, to run into the woman who Laurel tracked down through the embassy. It isn’t Sarah and is, instead, just a brunette who lived on an island for six months. The island was called “Salvation.” Dinah breaks down in tears and flees.

Thea, late of fleeing herself, flees in reverse to Roy’s house, just as he’s on his way out to the liquor store. She’s shocked he’s still going through with that (does she not pay attention when anyone else brings up the word “money”?) and he’s shocked that she hasn’t dusted off the “you can change” speech from wherever it is girls like her keep it. (A hope chest?) Thea just doesn’t get it: This is Roy’s home, and if she can’t accept the circumstances of his life, then she can’t accept him.

What would otherwise be a valid point is stopped cold by the prick of a needle — ugh, irony — when The Savior manages to knock Thea to the ground, stab Roy with a syringe, and cart him off in a van.

The kidnapping is immediately picked up by the local news station, just as Tommy is walking by a bank of TVs at the club. “I know that kid,” he says as Roy’s face appears alongside not-Oliver describing him as a “gangbanger.” Oliver, also apparently at work, is none too pleased, and becomes less so with the appearance of his little sister and the realization that the kid on the screen is Thea’s “friend” and also about to be killed.

Back at Casa de Lance, Dinah is packing up all of her facts and figures and preparing to strike off solo in the Sarah search.  The other Lances plead with her to see reason, move on, come home, whatever, but she’s committed. Laurel pauses: Why is it that her mom is so certain that this maybe-Sarah was Sarah because of one baseball hat? What does Dinah know?

She knows this: On the morning of that disastrous cruise, Dinah saw her daughter packing to meet Oliver, and she saw her pack that hat, and she also tried to stop her from going. But it was not to be: Sarah said she was in love, even if it might seem wrong, and she would follow her heart — just has her mom had done before her. A confession like that can only mean one thing in a world like this: “I killed her. I killed my daughter.”

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