Arrow recap: Mean Streets

A lot of people do a lot of killing for a lot of murky reasons. Superheroes!
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 27, 2013

DARK NIGHT Oliver (Stephen Amell) faced off against a band of soldiers and a mad man without a gun -- and he only got shot at once.

Cate Cameron/The CW

Bro diner dinner! Oliver is starving and, in between bites, wonders, “Are you waiting for me to finish before giving me the lecture?” Dig smiles (this friendship, y’all). The highlights: He’s worried that Oliver is spending far too much time hooded and far too little time doing anything or anyone else. There’s little time to develop this further, though, because an electronic frenzy overtakes the restaurant residents in the form of a video link, shared with Ollie c/o Felicity. It’s intended for any and all Glades residents, and look: It’s our scum bag from the top of the hour, here bound and bloodied and being read a list of reasons he’s terrible. Who’s the ominous voice doing the reading? The answers come not at all. Instead, because Joe-the-slumlord is unable to muster much of a defense, we get two bullets and another dead body. Bang bang.

The bad news gets worse: Mystery Man is just getting started on his righteous crusade. Who’s next?

Back at the lair, Dig digs up some NSA info on “The Savior,” a digital savant so savvy he hacked himself “right off the radar.” Oliver urges Felicity to work her magic on the double but this is Felicity and there’s no need to be rude. Or as she puts it, “Do I tell you how to sharpen your arrows?”

The time is already up, and The Savior has a new victim in the form of an ADA charged with the inability to charge or convict anyone else. He has just minutes to convince our deep-voiced vigilante, our not-Oliver, to spare him. Tick tock.

Separately, on a ledge much higher off the ground and more shrouded in mystery, stands Moira, preparing to meet with Frank about their botched assassination attempt on Malcolm, the debonair and diabolical. Frank asks, Might Moira consider sending her family out of town for a few weeks, just until they’re sure that their comrade hasn’t discovered any betrayal? She doesn’t actually say yes. Ambiguity alert?

Separate from all of this — which now includes two different major plots about murderousness — are Thea and Laurel, just talking “almost woman-to-woman” about bad boys and the science thereof. Laurel’s advice? “Run.” She’s cut off by a call from the Chinese Embassy and an apparent address to the maybe-Sarah.

Meanwhile, not-Oliver’s been found! Sort of! With a lock on his location (again c/o Felicity), Oliver speeds off on his motorcycle. (No Hood, Dig asks? It’s the middle of the day!) Much fruitless searching, a bunch of scared blathering, and a few bullets later and we come to this: The Savior is able to be in several places at once, because Felicity wasn’t able to get a legitimate lock on him once; and the ADA is dead; and Felicity saw it.

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