Arrow recap: The Parent Trap

Someone else discovers Arrow's identity; Deadshot makes a dangerous comeback
Ep. 16 | Aired Feb 27, 2013

IMPRESSIONANTE! Arrow (Stephen Amell) takes down an assassin and speaks Spanish. Take that, other superheroes!

Jack Rowand/The CW

Cue flashback to the island: Slade manages to tap into the frequency that Edward and his men are on. He and Oliver listen in as as Edward says something about Scylla. Slade is determined to figure out who or what a Scylla is, and Oliver explains that in The Odyssey (you know, the only book he's ever read), Scylla was a monstrous character. They go out in search of it only to discover that Scylla is the name of a missile launcher, which can be used to shoot down a commercial airliner or possibly start a war. Hmm, that sounds like trouble.

Back in Starling City, Felicity asks Oliver how it feels to save a One Percent-ter. Nice to know we  can always count on her for the well-timed quips. Oliver explains that Malcolm was poisoned. It doesn't take long for Diggle to realize that Deadshot -- the man who killed his brother -- was behind the hit.

After sharing that bit of unfortunate news, Oliver heads to the hospital, where he runs into McKenna. She tells him they both have complicated lives but she's willing to "figure us out, if you are." Maybe they should try to actually get through a full date before making such lofty commitments.

Meanwhile, Tommy tells Malcolm that the vigilante was the one who saved his life, then asks Malcolm where he disappeared to after his mom died. Malcolm says he went to a place (the same island that Oliver was on, maybe?) where he met a man who helped him make sense of everything and made him want to make things better.

Before he can define "better," Moira shows up with a face full of fake sympathy. Malcolm harshly tells her that there is a traitor in their midst (no kiddin!) and he wants Moira to find out who it is. Who else thinks poor, nice Frank will end up taking the fall?

Outside the hospital, Tommy asks Oliver if he ever intended to tell him that he was the vigilante. Oliver says he wasn't planning to, and Tommy walks away. Come on Tommy, the guy just saved your dad's life and revealed his top-secret identity to you to do it. How about a thank you?

In the meantime, Laurel -- who is not so bad in small doses -- goes off to meet Tommy but she's interrupted by a surprise visitor: her mother, who shows up to tell her that her sister might be alive. How's that for a bombshell?

Final thoughts/questions...

— Did anyone else notice that Oliver didn't react at all to Laurel and Tommy kissing? Could it be that the writers have moved on from playing up the tension between the two exes? Do you want them to?

— Dear McKenna, Fall Out Boy may not be coolest band but they are back together!

— Are you surprised that Malcolm made it out of this episode alive? Do you think Tommy will don the Dark Archer suit soon?

— Laurel's sister is alive...really?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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