Arrow recap: The Parent Trap

Someone else discovers Arrow's identity; Deadshot makes a dangerous comeback
Ep. 16 | Aired Feb 27, 2013

IMPRESSIONANTE! Arrow (Stephen Amell) takes down an assassin and speaks Spanish. Take that, other superheroes!

Jack Rowand/The CW

Meanwhile, Felicity tells Oliver and Diggle that the last place the Spanish assassin called before his death was  a restaurant in Chinatown named Jade Dragon. "I guess even hired killers enjoy the city's best chow mein," she says, only to have Diggle point out that Jade Dragon is actually a front for the Chinese mafia. Oliver asks Felicity (and maybe Diggle?) to make reservations for two at Jade Dragon and -- while she's at it -- decrypt the assassin's phone. Dude, she's not your assistant, or for that matter, even your employee.

Oliver decides to take Tommy to Jade Dragon (however, they do not order the chow mein). Oliver tells Tommy it's a makeup birthday dinner -- though really, it's a stakeout of sorts. The two end up having a heart-to-heart about their dads, and Oliver encourages Tommy to try to make amends with his father. After all, "your dad is your dad," he says. Before the two can really dig into the gross-looking fish they ordered, Oliver spots a Chinese mafia man heading into the kitchen and excuses himself. Since he couldn't exactly bring his arrows to dinner, Oliver gets creative and uses hot sauce to spook a money man in the back into revealing who the Triad's latest target is. The man doesn't know much other than the fact that the hit is supposed to take place the next day.

Cue flashback to the island: Oliver manages to get a signal on the radio. Slade immediately calls for help, only to realize that though he can hear air traffic control, no one can hear them.

Back in Starling City, Arrow lets Det. Lance know that the Triad have hired a contract killer. He says he needs Lance's help to find out who the target is, but Lance refuses. After their call, Lance tells McKenna that they need to catch the vigilante. The man is obsessed.

Meanwhile, China White outlines the plan to kill Malcolm. She tells her men that they need to trigger the fire alarm inside the gala, so that Malcolm is forced to go outside along with the rest of the guests. From there, it'll be up to Deadshot to take him down.

Cut to a dramatic montage of all the characters before the gala, which shows Felicity and Diggle failing to crack the assassin's cell drive, Tommy staring at a family picture, Moira nervously getting dressed for the party, and Oliver looking very pensive.

NEXT: Malcolm goes down, while Arrow fights China White...

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