Arrow recap: Snatched

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity team up on their first mission; Roy Harper makes his debut
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 20, 2013

GOLD STANDARD Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) shows Diggle (David Ramsey) her explosive new necklace.

Cate Cameron/The CW

A few moments later, Felicity rushes over to Diggle and Oliver. Apparently, The Dodger gifted her with a new accessory: A bomb collar. (Side note: How exactly did he manage to slip away unnoticed after putting a bomb collar around her neck? It's not exactly a subtle device.)

While Diggle attempts to disarm the bomb, Oliver goes after The Dodger. With Felicity's help, Oliver tracks him down and then shoots an arrow into his hand so he can't activate the bomb trigger. The Dodger doesn't understand why Arrow is targeting him. He tells him that they're basically the same person and that he only steals from the rich. Arrow finishes him off and declares to no one in particular, "I'm not Robin Hood." Um, okay. Meanwhile, Diggle removes the bomb collar from a very relieved Felicity.

With the bad guy handled, the boys attempt to fix their love lives. Diggle convinces Carly to give him another shot, while Oliver meets up with McKenna and promises more souffles. Just as they're about to leave, though, Det. Lance shows up and tells McKenna he wants her to work with him on the vigilante investigation. Somehow I don't think this relationship is going to end well...

Am I the only one who was hoping someone (and by someone I obviously mean Oliver) would check up on Felicity? The two obviously have chemistry, but it's a bit hard to root for it to become something more when Oliver is so clearly unaffected by her (that's not counting the entertaining moments of mild irritation, of course).

Speaking of chemistry, I certainly saw plenty of it between Thea and Roy Harper. Let's back up a bit though. While strolling through the Glades with Laurel (yes, she made an appearance in this episode), Thea's very expensive vintage purse gets stolen by a guy in a red hoodie. Laurel and Thea try to chase him down, but he manages to escape. Along the way, he leaves behind a chain that was attached to his wallet. Thea manages to use the chain to track him down (completely implausible but okay!), and asks Det. Lance to bring him in for questioning. While he's being grilled, Harper tells Lance that he only commits crimes to help his distressed mother, who recently got addicted to Vertigo.

Upon hearing this, Thea -- who's dabbled with the drug herself -- decides not to press charges. Later, she shows up at Roy's house to ask for her purse back. (Side note: Why wouldn't she just buy another one? If Oliver can donate a jewel to bait a thief, surely Thea can purchase another handbag). After calling her out for being a trust fund brat, Roy gives her two pieces of advice: Stay out of the Glades and don't fall for every sob story a guy like him feeds to the cops. I really don't want to admit this, but I might just like these two. In fact, their little love-hate relationship is that much more interesting because (spoiler alert!) Roy -- at least according to the comics -- turns out to be Arrow's sidekick. Interesting, no?

Now it's your turn. What did you think of this episode? Do you want Oliver to a pay a little more attention to Felicity? Are you feeling the Thea-Roy storyline? Sound off below.

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