Arrow recap: Snatched

Oliver, Diggle and Felicity team up on their first mission; Roy Harper makes his debut
Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 20, 2013

GOLD STANDARD Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) shows Diggle (David Ramsey) her explosive new necklace.

Cate Cameron/The CW

Oliver and Diggle head to Queen Consolidated to pacify Felicity. When they don't find her, Diggle tells Oliver he's worried her conscience will take her straight to the cops. Oliver doesn't doubt her, though. He's convinced she won't say anything. His instincts are right. Felicity shows up soon after, and Oliver apologizes for his behavior earlier. He tells Felicity that Ken Williams returned the money he stole and got back home in time to tuck his son into bed. Their chat is cut short by a news report about The Dodger. After Diggle says The Dodger got his nickname because he avoids getting his hands dirty, Felicity remarks that it's too bad he's not listed in Oliver's notebook. "You know not all the people I target are on the list. Every once in awhile I make an exception," a slightly offended Oliver tells Felicity. Then he asks her to help them take down The Dodger. For a girl who declared she was only going to stick around to help find Walter, Felicity signs on to this new mission pretty quickly. Not that I'm complaining, of course...

Speaking of Starling City's new jewel thief, The Dodger takes the stolen red ruby to a man in a bow tie. He's expecting a big money transfer in exchange for the drop-off, but the bow tie buyer decides he's not in the mood to pay up. Instead, he instructs his guards to take down The Dodger. Before the men can make their move though, The Dodger swiftly tasers each of them and then kills the buyer. Guess it's time to find someone else who's in the market for a stolen jewel.

Meanwhile, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle head to Starling City's -- apparently one and only -- diner to figure out how they're going to deal with The Dodger. "Is this really how you guys figure out how to get your target? Over burgers and shakes?" asks an amused Felicity. She has a point. Their conversation is sidelined when Diggle's sister-in-law, Carly, stops by to complain about some rowdy customers. After she leaves, Felicity tells Diggle that Carly totally has the hots for him. Oliver piles on by suggesting Diggle ask Carly out on a date, but Diggle says he'll only do it if Oliver agrees to make a move on McKenna, the female detective he's apparently had a crush on for quite some time. Men!

While Diggle attempts to ask Carly out, Felicity tells Oliver he should cozy up to McKenna and, while he's at it, insert a bug into her phone so that they can listen in on any police communication tied to The Dodger. Oliver tells her he's much more of a confront-and-terrify kind of guy, but he's willing to give her method a shot.

He heads over to the police station, where he lays some serious game on McKenna after bugging her phone. "It was nice seeing you the last time that I saw you," he says. Somehow this works, and McKenna suggests they go on a date that very same night. Boys, please don't try that line at home. I guarantee you will not get the same results.

Cue flashback: While Oliver searches for the herbs, he finds a bloodied man who begs him for help.

At the hideaway, Felicity pulls up information on the murdered bow-tie buyer. The team realize that the best way to capture The Dodger is to find his next buyer. For now however, the mission must wait. After all, it's date night!

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