Arrow recap: Motion Sickness

There's a new drug on the streets, and it has everyone (including the Queen family) spinning
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 30, 2013

A LITTLE PRICK Arrow (Stephen Amell) faces off against a jaunty designer drug dealer and his jaunty dark wardrobe.

Jack Rowand/The CW

This means that Arrow is taking on the Count’s goons by hand, but that’s barely a problem. He comes face-to-face with the drug dealer himself quick enough and gets the upper-hand even quicker, injecting the Count with a double-dose of Vertigo.

Of course, Det. Lance rushes in at this exact moment and threatens to shoot Arrow, who is proving himself to be the killer the detective always suspected he was (well, obviously). The moralizing is cut short when Arrow decides he can escape easily enough and does just that.

Back to Laurel, where we see that Thea, now hate-free, decides to accept the plea bargain.

Back to the Count, who we see is still deep in a Vertigo-induced delirium, with the doctors unsure of what his ultimate state (and state of mind) will be. Will Arrow be responsible for jump-starting the Count’s even-more-villainous evolution? We shall see.

For our last flashback of the evening, we see Oliver jump-start to life just after he hits the water. It turns out that Yao pulled the exact same strangulation trick from earlier in the episode. Coincidence!

Dragging himself ashore, Oliver discovers that Yao also slipped him a map, marked with a red path and one word: “Survive.”

Last: more Felicity (we must have done something right). She meets up with Oliver at a nondescript location, “too nervous” about coming to his home. Can she trust him, she wonders, really? Oliver assures her: she can, really really. That’s good, because Felicity has something to show him: his stepdad’s wife’s List. Oliver’s world keeps on tilting.

That’s it for the episode, which I thought was a tidy improvement over last week. It’s nice to see that Arrow keeps returning to unironic comic book strategies of face-acting outbursts and narrative mirroring — and keeps doing them, well, justice.

What did you think of “Vertigo”? And surely you don’t think we’ve seen the last of Seth Gabel’s Count?

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