Arrow recap: Motion Sickness

There's a new drug on the streets, and it has everyone (including the Queen family) spinning
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 30, 2013

A LITTLE PRICK Arrow (Stephen Amell) faces off against a jaunty designer drug dealer and his jaunty dark wardrobe.

Jack Rowand/The CW

The next morning, Oliver wakes up shirtless and feeling like he has the “worst hangover of his life” (Dig chimes in: That means a lot, coming from him). But there’s hardly any time to recover since the police lost the Count in the scramble last night. Dig doesn’t think Oliver is ready to head back out. “A drug overdose isn’t something you just walk away from,” he says.

Oliver replies, “Neither is Thea.”

In the family room, everyone gathers so the police can ask Oliver why it is that he was at their big operation last night? He waves them off with most of the truth, that he went a little rogue trying to get justice for his sister.

Once the cops are gone, things devolve into a three-way fight between mother and kids about how Moira could have even dared to keep the truth about their father from Thea. But she was only doing it to preserve Thea’s memory of her father. Thea, startled by this kindness, starts talking in bold-letter comic book exclamations, which definitely kind of suits Willa Holland’s acting in the moment. They reconcile.

Leaving them alone, Oliver almost passes out again from the residual Vertigo, an incident which sends us flashing back to his post-island strangulation, as Yao prepares to push his body over a tall cliff into the water.

In the present, Oliver and Dig head out to analyze a sample of Vertigo that they managed to keep hold of from the night before. They make it all the way to Queen Industries, even though Oliver is still clearly reeling from the drug’s after-effects. While there, Oliver seeks out Felicity because his “friend” wants to get him to try out a new “energy drink” that he keeps in a “syringe” because he ran out of “sports bottles.” Felicity raises both of her eyebrows, stammers a few nice lines about tasering cats and then promises to do the analysis.

Analysis complete, Dig tracks the Count’s base to an abandoned juvenile center. Oliver prepares to suit up, but Dig stops him, sure that he still isn’t 100 percent. But he promises to let Oliver go if he can shoot a tennis ball out of his hand. Oliver can’t, but he goes anyway, reminding Dig, “You should always remember one thing, Dig: I don’t need the bow.”

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