Arrow recap: Motion Sickness

There's a new drug on the streets, and it has everyone (including the Queen family) spinning
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 30, 2013

A LITTLE PRICK Arrow (Stephen Amell) faces off against a jaunty designer drug dealer and his jaunty dark wardrobe.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Oliver and Dig head to out to Russian headquarters, where Oliver tells Dig, “Whatever goes down, just go with it.” The Russians show up. Oliver shows off a bit of his Russian tongue and then starts throwing cash around, telling his friends that he’s now in the “pharmaceutical business” and would like to meet the maker of Vertigo. As an added bonus of good will, he turns over the police file.

One more thing: Even though all of his references check out, the Russians would like Oliver to just quickly kill this one guy they know because he’s annoying and killing people makes for good conflict. Except this is Arrow, didn’t anyone tell them? Before Dig can muster much of a growled warning, Oliver strangles the new guy.

This triggers a flashback. Oliver’s suddenly out of prison, but only because Yao Fei is leading him to a sandy version of Fight Club, where it appears that at least one of the two fighters is also a professional swordsman(/Deathstroke), which just seems unfair.

Flash-forwarding to the now and Oliver and Dig are leaving their successful Russian rendezvous, the body between them. Dig is still mad that Oliver killed someone — until the dead guy comes back to life. Dig is impressed: “Whoa, neat trick.” The two of them banter a bit and I continue to be impressed with how much I like the sound of them bantering.

At Queen manor, Thea gets some good news: The judge has agreed to a new plea agreement that includes working for Laurel. But she isn’t interested. Specifically, she doesn’t want to be her brother’s “ex-girlfriend’s office monkey.” Why all the shade? Because Thea is full of glorious purpose, which mostly involves constantly reminding Oliver that their mother is a “liar and a cheat.” She isn’t wrong, but she also keeps making crazy eyes whenever she says it, which undercuts her position. (Crazy eyes + teenage drug addict = bad math for truth-telling.)

Oliver counters with a revelation of his own: their father was a cheater and a liar, not their mother — and it’s time Thea knew the truth. She’s devastated, as is Moira, who conveniently overheard the exchange.

Dig and Oliver meet up to review their new plan. After meeting with the Count tonight, they’ll be able to follow him back to his base of operations. It’s too bad the scheme is quickly foiled when the cops appear out of nowhere, sending everyone scrambling.

In the confusion, Oliver heads after the Count but gets himself injected with a vial of Vertigo, and is only saved by Dig’s quick thinking and antidote-making skills.

His delirious spasms of pain trigger another memory of delirious pain, back when Yao Fei is beating him silly in the fight club sand circle. It’s a fairly quick battle, which ends with Yao apparently strangling Oliver to death. Except…

NEXT: Oliver lives!

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