Arrow recap: Motion Sickness

There's a new drug on the streets, and it has everyone (including the Queen family) spinning
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 30, 2013

A LITTLE PRICK Arrow (Stephen Amell) faces off against a jaunty designer drug dealer and his jaunty dark wardrobe.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Back in the present, Oliver heads to the police station to do a little snooping. While looking for a detective, he runs into an old friend, McKenna Hall — formerly of multiple Starling City raves, now of the vice unit. They casually swap catch-up anecdotes and Oliver casually brings up that he’s investigating a local drug dealer and then casually adds that he’s already “done some digging” and gotten the guy’s name. It’s too late. The police have had it for a while but it’s done them no good. Could McKenna give him any help?

McKenna, a sucker for how much Oliver loves Thea, hands over the department’s entire file on the Count. After Oliver leaves, Det. Lance comes snooping, asking what the meeting was about. McKenna waves him off. Maybe Oliver took her ethics with him when he left?

We pick back up with Mr. Honest Living from the start of the episode. He’s hanging out in a giant creepy room (Bad Sign No. 1) and he doesn’t look too happy to be there (Bad Sign No. 2)…which probably means the Count is on his way (Bad Sign No. 3).

He is on his way!

Mr. Honest Living just wants his boss to know that he didn’t actually tell The Hood(/Arrow) anything. The Count just wants his employee to know that a) of course he didn’t, because he doesn’t know anything to tell; and b) did he know he needed a tailor?

Their chat is cut short when the Count injects Mr. Honest Living with a few rounds of Vertigo, which apparently wreaks havoc on the thalamus portion of the brain which apparently causes your body to think it’s being wracked with pain. The result? Our lowlife shoots himself in the head.

Clever, Count.

At Laurel’s apartment, it’s time for the weekly round of product placement, where she does a bit of early morning web surfing while also doing a few totally understandable zoom-ins on her web page. (Could you tell the product was a Windows tablet from my description? Better luck next week!)

Tommy catches her in the act of being awake before noon: “I guess you’re not much of a morning snuggler,” he says. She answers with a combination of judgment and exasperation and then he drinks a little of her coffee. Romance.

A knock at the door ends with Oliver, Tommy and Laurel all huddled up in the entry way, ignoring the awkwardness. Oliver needs a favor. He’s “working on something” but was wondering if Laurel could talk to her dad — who could maybe talk to the judge into letting Thea out of a trial?

Cut to: “Absolutely not!” Laurel’s dad isn’t in the habit of doing the Queen family favors. Then Laurel says the S-word: Thea reminds her a lot of Sarah, and Sarah wouldn’t have done well in prison either, no matter what her dad may think. Sarah was more of a mess than her dad wanted to acknowledge, and she needed help…just like Thea does now. The detective sighs because Laurel beat him (because Laurel’s actually pretty good at arguing when she forgets that she’s also so self-righteous).

“I’ll make some calls.”

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