Arrow recap: Trust Falls

No one believes anyone else and John Barrowman touches people a lot
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 23, 2013

THE LATEST CHALLENGE Arrow (Stephen Amell) sizes up a band of robbers, a skeptical bodyguard and a family of liars.

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Yes, that’s right: Gaynor is guilty.

Anyway, he also steps out of the shadows to enlist Dig in his “mission,” which includes but is not limited to giving his band of military men purpose and drive after being hired to babysit rich halfwits. Really, this means stealing things.

Dig initially resists, until Gaynor’s men drag in his sister-in-law. If Dig doesn’t help them on their last job, they both die.

This all seems pretty dire until we quickly realize that Oliver is listening in from the bug that he slipped into Dig’s pocket. Arrow to the rescue!

Armed Robbery Attempt/Quality Action Scene No. 3 quickly falls apart, first when Dig refuses to actually fire on the truck, second when Dig then fires on Gaynor and his men and third when Arrow shows up and starts killing people. (Knox from the ‘Stan goes first, with a crunch of the neck.)

Last left alive is Gaynor, who Dig follows into an alley, threatening to shoot him if he doesn’t stop running. Gaynor doesn’t believe he’ll do it — a dilemma that is quickly rendered irrelevant when Arrow shoots him instead.

“You’re late,” Dig says once it’s over.

“You knew about the bug?” Arrow asks. (Of course he did.) But it wasn’t because Oliver didn’t trust Dig; it was just that Oliver didn’t trust them.

And then he’s gone, leaving Dig to handle the approaching cop cars, a dead body and his traumatized (but relieved) sister-in-law.

Cut to: Thea joyriding in her new car, high out of her mind, just trying to head-dance to her music.

She goes straight into a ditch.

Oliver and Moira rush straight to the hospital to find that Thea is fine, just a little “headachey” (which is crazy: the wreck seemed to involve a very slammed head) and in no mood to talk to her mother.

Our last Laurel-and-Tommy moment of the evening sees them bonding over his dead mother, who Tommy doesn’t much remember, even though her death drove his father away from him for good. We learn this as the camera does a Dutch-angled zoom-in on Malcolm staring at an old family photo. Reassuring.

Also reassuring: how quickly Dig got away from the cops (apparently he just told them a modified version of the truth). This leaves plenty of time for him and Oliver to re-bond after their blow-up earlier. Oliver apologizes for his behavior and admits to trusting few people…but that he does trust Dig, his “partner.”

To prove it, he turns over The List, allowing Dig to cross out Gaynor’s name himself.

It’s a nice moment with which both actors do nice things -- and a cleansing counterpoint to their fight, which suffered seriously from Stephen Amell trying to act both growly and indignant.

Later, Oliver checks Thea out of the hospital, and they’ve just begun to argue about how evil their mother is or isn’t when a cop appears. Turns out, Thea was driving while under the influence of “vertigo,” a drug which looks to be much more important next week.

Last: the flashback! I’ve lumped them all together here because 1) each scene was rather brief and 2) the whole sequence of them added little to the episode’s momentum. Anyhow, we pick up with Oliver back on the island in full military garb and on the prowl before realizing, in a nifty turn, that he’s trying to infiltrate the island’s military group instead of hunt them. This goes south rather quickly, which leads to Oliver’s re-imprisonment and the reveal (shock, gasp) that his mentor is actually alive — and working for the enemy.

It was the night’s one good twist, though not its only good moment, I thought. Still, the week lagged while trying to give each player something to do.

What did you think of the episode: too confrontation-heavy or just right?

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