Arrow recap: Trust Falls

No one believes anyone else and John Barrowman touches people a lot
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 23, 2013

THE LATEST CHALLENGE Arrow (Stephen Amell) sizes up a band of robbers, a skeptical bodyguard and a family of liars.

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Finally, some Felicity. Even she was starting to worry that her days as his “personal computer geek” were over. But not to worry: he’s been competing in a scavenger hunt, see, and he has this security fob and it would be really just great if she could crack it for him.

Oh it has a “military grade cryptographic security protocol”? Well, he promises to give her a bottle of the victory wine. (At these sorts of scavenger hunts, there is always victory wine.)

Dig and Gaynor continue their re-bonding session with a stroll through what appears to be a fancy garage. Dig wants to know about one of Gaynor’s newest employees, an ex-soldier they both knew — or as Gaynor introduced him: Knox from the ‘Stan. Why bring Knox from the ‘Stan onto his security operation?

Because, Gaynor says, times are tough and if he didn’t give his ex-soldier friends jobs, they might (gasp) turn into bank robbers.

It’s unfortunate that Dig doesn’t catch the irony, because Felicity soon cracks the security fob and calls up Oliver to let him know what she found: a whole directory of information on how to implement a robbery ring. She recommends that they take it to the police, but Oliver is not feeling that at all and asks her instead to just forward him the information directly and he’ll “personally” turn it over to the cops.

Best moment of the night so far? After hanging up with him, Felicity mutters to herself, “So no wine then?”

With unlocked fob in hand, Arrow is able to intercept and foil another armored truck robbery. In the process, he injures one of the robbers — suddenly named “Blake,” once his colleagues start shouting out, “Blake’s hit! Blake’s hit!” — and wraps up in time to make it to Thea’s glowstick-heavy birthday party, where he spares a second to bond with his sister.

But then Thea’s Friends Who Give Her Drugs show up and give Thea drugs while Oliver and Dig go off in a corner and conspire. New plan: Dig will investigate the operation under the assumption that Knox from the ‘Stan is the ringleader while Oliver stays behind and ignores the fact that his sister appears to be a recreational drug addict.

Retreating to her room for the moment, Thea spots her mom in the middle of another intimate moment with Malcolm, complete with another round of creepy touching. Moira was actually there to see proof that Walter is still alive, but Thea doesn’t want to hear about it and angrily declares, “I wish it’d been you that was on that boat.”

Back at Gaynor’s fancy garage, Dig discovers blood in one of the vans, as well as detachable logos on the side of the vehicle. Not enough evidence for a jury, but it convinces Dig — which is good timing, because Knox from the ‘Stan steps right out of the shadows, gun raised. It’s a double case of mistaken identity: Dig automatically assumes that he’s found his guy, while Knox from the ‘Stan now thinks that Dig is the one who hacked into their system.

“He didn’t think you’d be very cooperative,” Knox from the ‘Stan says with a gun at Dig’s back.


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