Arrow recap: Trust Falls

No one believes anyone else and John Barrowman touches people a lot
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 23, 2013

THE LATEST CHALLENGE Arrow (Stephen Amell) sizes up a band of robbers, a skeptical bodyguard and a family of liars.

Jack Rowand/The CW

When we catch up with Oliver, he’s already well into his latest Operation: Arrow, breaking into an office building, subduing two men and cracking down hard on Gaynor as the man pockets a mysterious USB drive (sorry: security fob, which still looks surprisingly similar to a USB drive).

“Ted Gaynor, we’re going to have a conversation,” Arrow says.

Not so fast: Dig shows up, gun drawn. “Put the bow down.”

There’s a moment of tension, which is cut off by Arrow escaping into the night…and then immediately revisited in the next scene, as Dig and Oliver fight it out (with words, for once) back at hideout headquarters.

Dig basically wants to make Oliver realize that not everything he learns from The List can be trusted, while Oliver just wants Dig to learn that he already knows everything, thank you, and he and The List are very happy together.

Fine, Dig says, but at least let him try to prove Gaynor’s innocence. “You owe me that. You owe me at least that.”

The tension must be contagious because it also spoils Thea’s outing with her mother when Moira receives an urgent call from Malcolm, cutting short a promised full day of bonding.

It turns out that Malcolm needs Moira to talk their common conspirator, Carl Ballard, out of trying to gentrify The Glades because it isn’t “part of the plan.” She agrees, on one condition: that she receive proof that Walter is still alive.

A majority of Malcolm’s communication in this scene consists of creepy physical contact, which Thea — spying from a far corner — misinterprets as romantic.

(There’s another snippet of Laurel and Tommy, but it mainly consists of his reluctance and her wheedling. And then he makes a joke about not being able to buy a fence.)

Back at the Big Belly Burger, Dig and Gaynor are reliving the glory days when Gaynor suddenly says something we’ve all been thinking: Dig’s sister-in-law likes him likes him. Didn’t he realize?

Back at the mansion, Oliver works to unlock the security fob — with little luck — before Thea barges in with an urgent personal crisis: Their mother is cheating on their stepfather! In fact, she’s behaving now just like she did before their father mysteriously disappeared.

Oliver doesn’t believe her, but for all the wrong reasons. Thea, in a moment of lucidity that she won’t get back to, calls him out on it: “[Mom]’s a liar and a cheater and you really don’t know her at all.”

Oliver listens attentively and then immediately goes and tells his mother about Thea’s suspicions, which she hand-waves away with some light lying. But what’s this? The scene ends with Oliver’s eye twinkling…with dawning comprehension?

Finally, we arrive at Tommy’s dinner with his dad, with Laurel as co-star and moral support. Everyone is eating sushi and swapping fond memories until Malcolm decides to kill the mood by asking for Tommy’s permission to close his dead mother’s free clinic — a project that meant everything to her. Tommy is devastated and storms out, but only after vowing to stop letting his dad “disappoint him.”

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