Arrow recap: Set Fire to the Rain

Arrow takes a break from being a vigilante; Firefly makes his debut
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 16, 2013

Arrow (Stephen Amell) prepares to take on a new enemy...with a little, no make that a lot, of convincing.

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Afterward, Laurel talks to a fire chief about the recent string of deaths. She tells him that three of the men who belonged to Fire Company 15 all died in the past six weeks, except for one, who died two years ago in the Nodel Tower tragedy. This piques Oliver's interest. He joins the conversation and asks the chief to explain the Nodel Tower tragedy. "How do you not know?" the chief asks. "I was wi-fi free for a few years," he retorts. The captain says the tower came down after a gas line blew, killing 34 civilians and six firemen. Turns out the construction company behind the tower used sub-standard materials.

Later, Oliver asks Laurel what the conversation with the fire chief was all about. She tells him it was nothing and rushes off to call Arrow. A few feet away, Oliver picks up the phone. She asks him what she's supposed to do, and Arrow tells her it's his turn to takeover. And he's back (almost)!

Cue flashback to the island: Oliver drags himself out of the lake and realizes he's killed the man who was after him.

Meanwhile, back at home, Thea tries to get her mom out of the house, but a reluctant Moira tells Thea she just doesn't get it. Thea points out -- and rightly so -- that she in fact does know what her mother is going through. After all, she lost her dad and Walter too. Still, Moira is too busy moping and looking through old pictures to care, which prompts Thea to ask her mom to well, start acting like a mom. Their actions seem a bit out of character -- since when is Thea the responsible one? -- but hey, if it gets Moira to quit sulking I'm all for it.

Back at the lair, Diggle apologizes for giving Oliver such a hard time earlier. Oliver finally opens up and says he was never afraid of death until he realized he had something to lose, including his family, Laurel and Tommy. Diggle suggests he change his perspective: Instead of fearing what he has to lose, he should use those closest to him as a source of strength to survive. Well said, Diggle. After their heart-to-heart, Oliver directs the convo back to the case at hand. He's got a new theory: What if Firefly (a.k.a. Garfield) didn't die in the infamous tower fire? What if he was just presumed dead? (We all saw this one coming, right?).

At the fundraiser, we get a weird slo-mo shot of Laurel's legs (for a second I thought maybe Helena was back). She locks lips with Tommy and checks in to make sure they're good on "drawer-gate" (okay, I'll hand it to her, that was cute), only to be interrupted by Oliver.

He pulls her aside to speak to the fire chief, who seems to be having a good ol' time until Oliver starts asking him questions about the Nodel Tower fire again. He wants to know why Garfield's coat was found, but not his body. The chief admits that there's more to the story. Apparently, Garfield refused to leave the burning tower, though the chief had ordered all his men to evacuate. Though Garfield begged the chief to send a unit back in, he refused. The chief says he essentially left him to burn. Talk about killing the mood.

Oliver informs the chief that Garfield is back. For some reason, Laurel doesn't seem surprised that Oliver pieced all this together, and that surprises me. After all, didn't Oliver spend the entire first half of this season convincing people he only cared about partying? Wasn't that a part of the master plan so he could make sure no one caught on to his alter-ego?

While the chief insists Garfield couldn't have made it out of the tower alive, Firefly shows up behind them and throws a flame into the party. Firefly tells Oliver and Laurel to run and douses the chief with kerosene. Meanwhile, Oliver heads downstairs to change into his Arrow gear. Too bad he didn't inform anyone, because Tommy and Laurel seem to think he's in danger and decide they can't leave the building without him. Inevitably, this puts them in danger. (The next time we see Laurel, however, she's back at work, so I'm assuming the fallout from their decision to stick with Oliver was left on the cutting room floor).

Before Garfield can set the chief on fire, Arrow shoots the lighter out of his hands. Garfield tells Arrow he's not afraid to die, and then Arrow responds with this soapy gem: "I know. You're afraid to live." Oof.

Arrow wants to help Garfield, but it's too late. "Thanks," says Garfield. "But I'm already burned." With that, he walks into the fire.

Back at home, Moira makes amends with Thea and decides to get back to work.

Meanwhile, Laurel's co-worker says she wants Arrow to have her late brother's badge as a thank you. She's not the only one giving Arrow props. Even Det. Lance says it's a good thing the hood got involved. More surprisingly, when Laurel hands over Arrow's phone, Det. Lance suggests that it might be better if she holds on to it. Looks like someone is coming around! Or not. Turns out her dad implanted a speaker in the phone so that the next time Laurel calls Arrow, the cops can eavesdrop on their conversation. Oh, dad!

At his lair, Oliver has another flashback to the island. This time we see him in a military vest of sorts, looking considerably more put together, while examining a map.

Back in the present, Oliver thanks Diggle for setting him straight. Diggle wants to know what's next. Perhaps more training? Nope, says Oliver, "We go hunting."

Count me in.

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