Arrow recap: Set Fire to the Rain

Arrow takes a break from being a vigilante; Firefly makes his debut
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 16, 2013

Arrow (Stephen Amell) prepares to take on a new enemy...with a little, no make that a lot, of convincing.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Before Oliver jumps into action, he has a flashback to the island, where we see him hiding out after the capture of his mentor.

Oliver probably should have saved the flashback for later because by the time he gets to the scene of the latest blaze, Firefly has already claimed another victim. Arrow tries to take him down, but Firefly manages to get away, while shielded behind flames.

Cue another flashback: Oliver is momentarily captured on the island, but he manages to take his armed attacker down. They stumble off a hill, and while his attacker hits a rock on the way down, Oliver hits the water.

Later, a dejected Arrow calls Laurel to give her intel on the killer, which includes a description of his car, a scar that he has on his wrist, and his tattoo (of a firefly, naturally). Oliver points out that all the men in Engine Company 15 had firefly tattoos, so it's got to be one of them. Laurel's breathy contributions to this conversation are as follows: "You must have gotten pretty close to him," and, "What should I do with this information?" Okay then. Arrow tells her to do whatever she would have done with the information before she met him. Too dramatic, Arrow. Too dramatic.

Worth noting: When Tommy asks Laurel who was on the phone, she tells him it was a wrong number. Why do I feel like that won't be the last lie she tells Merlyn Jr. about her encounters with Arrow?

At the lair, it's time for signature Diggle pep talk. Diggle doesn't understand why Oliver is backing away from the Firefly case. Oliver tells him he can't right every wrong in the city. They handle the disagreement like adults with a mini sparring session. After Oliver wins (though, in all fairness, he almost lost), Diggle points out that his problem isn't physical, it's mental. The other archer, he says, robbed Arrow of whatever it was in his heart that made it possible for him to jump off buildings and take down bad guys. Diggle should have been a therapist. His fatherly lecture doesn't have much of an effect (at least not yet), as Oliver cuts him short to run an errand for the fundraiser he's throwing with Tommy.

He heads to a fire station, where he runs into Laurel. Oliver tells Laurel that he heard she's been very protective of her drawers recently. Though he quickly amends: "This is not a fancy term for your underwear." Laurel tells him she's an all or nothing kind of girl, and that, for her, giving up a drawer, is equivalent to sharing a life, or something like that. Oliver suggests she take it slow, but Laurel says she doesn't know how to take it slow. She closes her eyes, and she jumps. That's funny because I'd never peg Laurel as the "close her eyes and jumps" kind of girl. She seems more like the "obsessively analyze all of my decisions" type. Do you agree?

NEXT: Things get heated at the fundraiser...

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