Arrow recap: Set Fire to the Rain

Arrow takes a break from being a vigilante; Firefly makes his debut
Ep. 10 | Aired Jan 16, 2013

Arrow (Stephen Amell) prepares to take on a new enemy...with a little, no make that a lot, of convincing.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Not surprisingly, Arrow answers Laurel's call right away. After shutting down all the lights (creeeppyy), Arrow shows up at Laurel's apartment to find out what she wants. She tells him about her friend's brother, and he responds by telling her she's a hypocrite for asking for his help. Okay, so maybe he doesn't use those exact words. But he does reveal he overheard Laurel tell her father that Arrow was a killer with no remorse. "So you want one killer to find another?" he asks in his auto-tuned voice. Laurel, who is still a bit too righteous for my liking, doesn't really answer him. Instead, she tells him that if her friend's brother was murdered, the killer has to be punished. Arrow says he'll look into it. Arrow gives in too easily.

Oliver heads back to the lair, where he tells Diggle, who is working out and totally shirtless (because someone has to be, right?), about his meeting with Laurel. Diggle says he'll look into it, and Oliver surprises him by saying he should pass anything he finds onto the police. Before Diggle can pester him about his duties as a vigilante, though, Oliver goes upstairs to meet with Tommy about their non-existent club (oh, contractors!), and to ask about Laurel's friend. Tommy takes the opportunity to suggest they throw a fundraiser for the firefighter's families. It looks like Laurel's do-gooder ways are really starting to rub off on the former playboy.

Meanwhile, Det. Lance drops by Laurel's office to retrieve Arrow's phone, but Laurel isn't about to give in. To keep her dad from bursting a vein (he really looked like he was about to for a second), Laurel uses the dead daughter defense ("If someone could have done something to give you even a little bit of closure, don't you wish that they would have done it?"), but Det. Lance isn't buying it. Now that I think about it, Det. Lance is a bit too righteous for my liking too -- but he's probably supposed to be.

Back at home, Oliver finds his mom in a heated discussion with a Queen Corp. head honcho, who points out the public probably doesn't have much confidence in the company since its CEOs keep mysteriously vanishing. He wants Moira to step in, but she tells Oliver she'd rather stay at home and spend time with her family. This seems like a good time to point out that Moira passed up an opportunity to watch a movie with Oliver and Thea earlier in the episode. Oliver thinks it's a good idea for his mom to get back to work, but she shuts down the idea and leaves in a huff.

Diggle drops in and tells Oliver it's time for his "dentist appointment," which is obviously code for, "Someone is about to attack more firefighters." Oliver hesitates, but Diggle says the firefighters "need the man in the hood." I really wish everyone on this show would stop speaking in over-the-top declarations.

NEXT: Arrow confronts Firefly...

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