Arrow recap: Deathstroke of Genius

Kissing, torture, and a major new villain. 'Arrow' heats up with a strong episode
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 7, 2012

The CW

What about Oliver's new non-sidekick sidekick? Ah yes, John Diggle (snicker). So Oliver asks Diggle to pose as The Hood and break up an arms deal that just happens to be going down at the same moment as his big party. That way he'll give Oliver and alibi -- and stop a crime. Convenient? Sure. But I like that the issue of "Won't people figure out Oliver is The Hood?" is being tackled straight on. It does make a sort of sense. It's going to be tough for the cops to ever make a case against him after charging him and then having to backtrack out of it. "I knew the security camera was there ... sooner or later somebody was going to make the connection," Oliver says. He then adds, presumably unintentionally quoting The Joker: "All part of the plan."

So, to be clear, Laurel really doesn't believe he's the vigilante? Ah, well, toward the end she's starting to wonder. Oliver and Laurel are up in his bedroom. She makes a reference to a party where "I wore those horrible fishnets" -- that's a wink to comic fans (her character presumably eventually becomes the Black Canary, who's known for, among other things, her fishnet stockings). Laurel wants to see his scars. Oliver gladly unbuttons his shirt. It's a sexy scene. They kiss! But of course, it doesn't last. She says they cannot be together. Oliver, for his own reasons, agrees.

How does it end? Oliver is free and back in his hoodie. Stops the arms deal with a cry of, "You have failed this city!"

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