Arrow recap: Deathstroke of Genius

Kissing, torture, and a major new villain. 'Arrow' heats up with a strong episode
Ep. 05 | Aired Nov 7, 2012

The CW

So what's Oliver's defense strategy? First he insists on Laurel representing him. Yes, his ex-girlfriend who's dad arrested him, whose other daughter died on his sunken yacht. How complicated does he want to make this for himself? I like that in addition to murder, Oliver is also charged with "menacing and trespassing." Particularly "menacing." That would be pretty cool to claim at parties as your one criminal conviction -- They found me guilty of menacing ... I was also charged with misdemeanor glaring. Anyway, Laurel agrees to defend him. "I knew you couldn't resist saving my ass," he says. And, nope, she still doesn't think he's the vigilante!

Is Oliver's best friend Tommy back? Yes! Hi Tommy ... bye Tommy. Hope that poor actor doesn't get paid by the word.

Is there a party of some kind? Yes! Thank you for asking that, it's perfectly timed for the next plot point I wanted to cover. After Oliver makes bail and is given a GPS ankle-monitor to confine him to his home, he decides to throw a "Burning Man meets Shawshank Redemption" party, which actually sounds pretty fun (minus the prison rape). This leads to the naughtiest line in the episode: "The invite says, 'Come before Oliver Queen gets off.'"

What about the Queen's Gambit parked in that warehouse? Walter Steele sends a security chief to move the boat and the security chief is murdered. Walter now realizes his wife Moira is probably evil and decides to deal with this by taking off to Australia to get away from her. Meanwhile Moira confers with that wealthy gentleman we met at the end of the last episode, who makes it clear he killed the security chief and she's merely the "good soldier." The only real point to make about all this is there's still not enough John Barrowman.

So ... back to Oliver? Okay. We learn Det. Quentin lost his wife after their daughter died -- as if this guy needed another reason to hate Oliver. So the detective is steaming at Oliver about being The Hood as the prosecutor offers him a deal if he agrees to plead insanity. That leads to this exchange:

Oliver: "I'm not crazy."

Quentin: "Finally. Something we agree on. He's not a nut. He's a killing machine."

Oliver: "Actually, I'm neither."

Quentin: "There's nothing you can say to me that I will believe."

But Quentin just said he agreed with Oliver about ... gah! This is one of those moments where I can't tell if the writers are deliberately making something not make sense or if that's the point. Anyway, Oliver offers to take a polygraph and aces it. There's a great moment when Oliver is asked if he's ever killed anybody and says, "Yes, when I asked your daughter Sara to come on my yacht with me."

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