Nashville recap: Arm Sex with Deacon and Rayna

Rayna and Deacon collaborate; Juliette finds a personal Jesus in Avery; Zac Brown and Jay DeMarcus guest star as themselves
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 22, 2014

ARMED AND READY They're writing sex songs right now.


Gunnar and guest star Jay DeMarcus: Writing together! All he had to do was bump into one of his idols and suddenly Gunnar stands to earn another songwriting credit, this time for Rascal Flatts. Hey, did he have a few free hours today? Say, two o'clock? It's that easy!

It's not easy for Zoey, Gunnar's sex-not-writing partner (and he'll never let her forget it!), to share her discontent with her constantly flaking boyfriend. But at Dr. Avery's encouraging (dude should seriously start charging five cents and set up an advice stand in the Bluebird Cafe), Zoey was finally honest with Gunnar and…blah, I'm bored. These two are still together. She promised to "still be here" even if his recent string of good luck crashes and burns. Now I'm picturing a giant pile ashes that used to be Gunnar's flannels. It's pretty dark!

Oh well -- even if Gunnar never accomplishes anything more, he'll always have this mental image of his HUGE EYES lording their superb lyrical talent over Luke and Rayna (status: sleeping together, for the $$$):

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 12.03.45 AM

Scarlett: Still a mess! Our delicate ethereal doily can't handle all the Press Stress that comes along with being a hot young recording artist. She just wants to sleep! Why can't anyone recognize that her natural habitat is not "participating in interviews" but rather "nestling in a heap of blankets that are somehow both floral and woven"? (I'm just trying to picture Scarlett's ideal here.)

NEXT: Should Rayna and Deacon really stay apart? The answer is in blank Post-Its

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