American Idol recap: See You Again?

The Top 4's guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. speaks for viewers: "Stop, Randy! Stop!"
Ep. 32 | Aired May 1, 2013

IN THE ROUGH Angie Miller's 'Diamonds' didn't shine.


Candice Glover, "You've Changed": YES! My favorite of the night -- and Candice's Bruno Mars cover was my second fave. Girl killed it tonight! "CANDICE IS IN IT TO WIN IT TONIGHT!" confirmed the Dawg.

For the standard, Candice clearly took in what Harry was suggesting about singing the tune just like it is. But come show time she was like "f--- that, here's what I can do!" And I have to think Harry would respect that, because Candice does stick to the melody in her own way. I don't see how you could say this gorgeous cover had too many runs. I had goosebumps right from the start and heard shades of Whitney Houston and Adele.

In other words, I'm with Mariah, who's "gonna download that A-S-A-Plee."

Kree Harrison, "Stormy Weather": This was the one that sparked the attention-grabbing spat between Harry and Randy. The real problem, the other judges agreed, was that this wasn't the best song choice for Kree. Mariah wanted something "less lounge-y and more gritty," while Nicki insinuated that the song had put her to sleep.

I may be alone, but I marveled at the lush setup of this number, with the huge orchestra slowly grooving behind her as she spread her arms open wide in an elegant gown. Maybe I've come to expect "nothing too riveting" because Kree's vocals are consistently gorgeous and that's all I can ever remember about her performance. But this type of orchestral setup was riveting to me. I don't know. I'm being a weirdo. I'm just so over this "BE KREE" edict.

Clearly Kree was overwhelmed in a great way about getting to perform with all that professional lushness behind her. Maybe this is Kree being Kree. So what then? Should she not advance on American Idol because she's more comfortable doing stuff like this than pretending to rip her own heart out and "leave it all on the stage"?

Who will go home tonight? Did Candice win the week? Harry or Randy? Discuss!

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