American Idol recap: Motown Hits

Detroit's got it all -- fragels, an airline salesman's daughter, and a dozen or so potential standouts
Ep. 03 | Aired Jan 22, 2014

TUBA GIRL Ain't no way Malaya Watson will fail.


Sarah Scherb, 19, doesn't quite impress me vocally on "The Way" by Ariana Grande, but her dad's job as a salesman for Delta allows Harry to zing J. Lo for never flying commercial. It's fabulous, and she plays along.

Sydney Arterbridge, 15, hits that miraculous high note on Minnie Ripperton's "Loving You." Somewhere, 30 minutes later, Mariah Carey looks off to the left and purses her lips. Harry's wife can't go that high! But we discover his wife can't sing, either, so it's not such a big deal. Now I can't stop picturing Harry Connick Jr. wife as Deltalina. None of this matters. Harry loves Sydney's whistle tone -- it's easy, 'cause it's beautiful. As a mirror shatters onscreen…

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.55.10 PM

Veruca Salt has won another golden ticket! "I want a BEAN feast." (Sorry.)

"Like the hat, man. Like the whole thing," Keith announces as Maurice Townsend, 26, rolls onstage. Three yeses! The full-time student, father of four (feels like 12-13) and minister of music has a pretty full plate, but he's all ooze and ease on John Legend's "So High." Keith wriggles around in his chair, freaking out. "He's the one that should have recorded that," Harry remarks. Really?! I'm not sure this guy's vocally a home run, but he's definitely got that total package quality to him, especially once the most stylish family Harry Connick Jr. has ever seen swarms around him. I'm pretty sure J. Lo called the adorable baby girl a muffin. Can someone please get her a snack? We cannot have Jennifer Lopez eating all the babies!

J. Lo is 23 minutes late for Day 2. It must be a girl thing, remarks Keith. Mariah was late last year. WOMEN. Well, it gives Keith 'n' Harry a chance to intensify their bromance.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 7.11.35 PM

They're seriously cute.

Ooh, I remember this guy: David Oliver Willis, 22, got cut in Vegas last year. The Mount Dora, Florida native opened a coffeehouse with his wife, which looks bright and cheery -- and yet that "small business owner" Idol-made sign is officially the saddest poster board I've ever seen. He can definitely sing, but as Harry points out, his guitar playing drives his vocals on "Too Close." J. Lo advises him to be sure and create those Idol moments. She's right! I really like this guy, but is he flashy enough to stand out?

Then this happened:


Let's just pretend it didn't.

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