American Idol recap: Sudden Death Becomes Her

Ten girls sing, five get cut, and one of 'em is so good Mariah Carey wants to smack her
Ep. 11 | Aired Feb 20, 2013

OH, IT'S ALREADY BEEN BROUGHTEN "You know, I gotta, like, bring it," explained the fabulous Amber Holcomb.

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Isabelle -- Randy called her rendition of "God Bless The Child" old-fashioned, and it's true that we've only seen her perform older standards. Still, that's a huge voice they just let go, and for me (for you dawg?) Isabelle was almost comically into herself in a very amusing way, on reality TV at least. I'm surprised they kept Tenna Torres instead of her. I'd have put Isabelle or even Shubha ahead of Tenna for sure.

Speaking of whom….


Tenna Torres – I thought her vocals were all over the place last week, and this week I guess I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt (the judges had no problem with her cover of Natasha Bedingfield's "Soulmate") and admit that perhaps I just don't like her tone in general. That won't be easy to overcome, but I'll try. I don't think she's long for the competition anyway. Too many theatrics, to the point where she doesn't seem quite genuine.

I did enjoy Tenna's overbearing "Flames! Flames on the side of my face!" hand gestures at the beginning of the song, but in a joke way, not a real way. Apparently Nicki's fans were mad at her for liking Tenna's voice, which was a weird note for Nicki to offer the desperate hopeful. Nicki's advice? "Lose the hair. Cut it all off and go bald." I say they should both do it.

Adriana Latonio – Tiny Filipino girl with a big voice. I wonder if the reason Idol hasn't shown her up until this point was to avoid early comparisons to last season's runner-up Jessica Sanchez. A late start could be just the ticket for the Anchorage 17-year-old, who showed remarkable confidence and control on Aretha Franklin's "Ain’t No Way." She even had the Idol Lip Quiver (via an extreme close-up of the final vibrato) going on, with the promise of more to come.

I loved Adriana's breathiness on the "How can I…" repetition, and Keith said her emotional connection to the song "completely belied" her age. I can actually see the potential Jessica comparison working to Adriana's advantage -- her voice isn't quite as huge and perfected as the former's, but she could have a more genuine spunk in her and therefore people will defend her. But what do I know? She's basically a complete stranger, still. We shall see.

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