American Idol recap: Ladies Night

The feeling's right as the girls take on their solos. Plus: Top 40 announcement!
Ep. 10 | Aired Feb 14, 2013

'YOU SET ME FREE' Angela Miller found love (God?) in a hopeless place called The American Idol Hollywood Round.


I just want to pretend Kez Ban's Hollywood Round performances never happened and that she ended up missing her flight or something, because that initial audition of hers was sooooo perfect. Suffering from a cold, she tried another original, "I'm Flyin' on a Cloud," and it just sounded terrible. The judges didn't even want her to stand in line again to receive her death sentence. On the upside, Kez Ban has most definitely made her mom, a huge fan of the show, proud. And now she's a boomer! Turns out, all the quirk monster ever wanted was a steady job. Mission accomplished.

Oh, and my favorite line of the episode was actually from Kez Ban, as Zoanette dragged her kicking and screaming into a tacky mall store called Love Story -- "There's better stores, man!" Ha!

Ashlee Feliciano ended up getting eliminated following what I thought was a beautiful cover of "Tin Man," having had the misfortune of landing just on the shadowy side of a Randy Jackson mood swing. Randy couldn't stand all these sad songs, dawg. "Music is fun, come on!" It all seemed like a massive setup for Melinda Ademi to bounce out, all sprite-like, and brighten everyone's day with the upbeat "Price Tag." She's good, but I think she'll be more of a visually spot-on contestant -- with those leather shorts over knee-high boots, 90-lb. frame and a propensity for deep squats, she's just what American Idol is looking for. That she can sing well is just an enhancement. Or maybe her voice will turn out to be huge on other songs! I'd love to see that happen.

Enter a dark horse! This was probably the perfect episode for Kree Harrison to make a first major impact with her stirring cover of Grace Potter's "Stars." The Nashville girl has such a unique timber to her voice and, as Mariah pointed out, "something that feels genuine" about her performance. In one of the more obnoxious moments of the evening, Nicki mentioned "the authenticity behind" Kree's performance and Mariah CUT HER OFF but only to repeat what she had already said...about how that's what she had meant. We know what both words mean, lady! There's no need to teach us about synonyms.

Meanwhile, Keith kept marveling at/rubbing his goosebump-riddled forearms. Yes!

NEXT: Which 20 guys and 20 girls made the Top 40?

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